Should I Worry About My Fiance’s Bachelor Party?

A group of guys with beer.

Let’s talk about your fiancé’s bachelor party. Many women get pretty worked up over this topic but, let me assure you, The Hangover is just a movie—a funny, over-the-top, crazy movie that has very little founding in reality. That’s not to say that some bachelor parties don’t get a little rowdy. Most bachelor parties, however, are actually pretty tame. (Besides, the bachelor was missing from the worst parts of that movie, anyway!) In all seriousness, here are several great reasons why you really shouldn’t be worried about your soon-to-be husband’s upcoming bachelor party.

You Trust Him Enough to Marry Him

Let’s get the roughest and toughest question out of the way first. You know the one; it’s been floating around in the back of your head since he first mentioned that his buddies had something special planned. The question you’re fixating on, but can’t bear to ask aloud is, “Will my fiancé cheat on me?” You can find your answer to that question by asking yourself a much more important one: “Do I trust him?”

If you’re marrying the man, the assumption is that he does have your trust. After all, trust is a foundation of all healthy relationships. You’ve gone through a lot together already and, at some point, you decided there’s no one else more reliable or better suited to lean on. Don’t let those feelings fly out the window just because he’s having a bachelor party. Above all else, remember that he’s out to make memories, not regrets.

It’s Mostly about Spending Time with Friends and Family

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Most guys just want to get together and have a good time. That can entail anything from playing video games and scarfing pizza to golfing or camping. It depends greatly on how your fiancé enjoys spending his time. After all, his buddies want to make plans that he’s going to enjoy. Further, many bachelors like to include family members in their big night as well. That means it’s probable your fiancé’s father may be present for some or all of the festivities. If this is the case, it’s highly unlikely for things to get too far out of hand.

Bachelor Parties Are Traditional

Weddings are full of tradition and bachelor parties, as well as bachelorette parties, are very much part of that. People have been having bachelor parties since the 5th century B.C. Yes, you read that right; they actually started in the time of Spartans. When a Spartan was to be married, the other soldiers hosted a dinner in his honor and took turns toasting to his future. Wild, right?

They are also often considered a rite of passage. Even if things do get a little out of hand, current perception designates a bachelor party as one last hurrah before married life. That means that even the least appealing aspects of the night aren’t going to become part of your fiancé’s lifestyle in the future.

He Should Be Aware of Your Concerns

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At the end of the day, it’s important that you talk to your fiancé about any worries you have about his bachelor party ahead of time. As someone committed to marrying you, he’s not going to want to make you uncomfortable. In fact, it’s probably the opposite! He wants to be the source of joy in your life and not anxiety. If he knows you’re particularly anxious about a certain aspect, he can address himself why you have no need to worry. That also gives him the opportunity to give his friends an “off limits” list.

Talking openly also provides the perfect chance for him to address any of his worries over your bachelorette party. You may not be the only one getting worked up over the concept. In fact, many couples find the whole idea unappealing and instead opt to have an evening spent together with friends. The only way to know what he wants is to talk with him openly about it.

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