Stories from the Hive: Favorite Bridal Shower Games

Two women at a bridal shower holding cocktails.

You may have the perfect guest list for your bridal shower planned, but what are you actually going to do once you’re surrounded with all your favorite females? It’s tradition to play some games at the party, but the usual make-a-wedding-dress-out-of-toilet-paper competition can get old. We’ve rounded up a few creative bridal shower game ideas from our forum users to add to your party schedule!

“I’m not a huge fan of games, but one that always goes over well and requires very little prep is the “what’s in your bag/purse” game. You have a list that begins with common items like keys, lipstick, a mirror, etc. and move on to more obscure items like safety pins, a receipt from the grocery store, etc. Once you no longer can produce that item, you’re out. Last person standing wins.”

—submitted by FutureMrsBex

“My sister constructed “bra-pong” for my shower. She glued a bunch of bras of various sizes to a large piece of cardboard and we took turns throwing a ping pong ball in the cups. It was hilarious and different than some of the usual games.”

—submitted by partyof2

“My friends came up with a list of questions for my husband about me and our relationship, including things like my favorite food, who my celebrity crush is, who the messier one is, etc. They videotaped his answers and reaction ahead of time. They did the same for me, but I answered questions about him at the party, and people had cards with questions also guessing the answers. The winner got an Amazon or Starbucks giftcard. It was cool figuring out how well we knew each other.”

—submitted by iluvhummingbirds2

“One game that always goes over well is the “Don’t say _____” game. I don’t know what it’s really called, but I’ve always played it at showers. At mine, everyone was given a flower lei and if you said “wedding” or “Vegas,” whoever called you out got your lei. The winner was whomever had the most leis. My mom was so deceptive at this game it was hilarious.

Another game that went over really well was a hidden Mickey Mouse game (I’m a Disney girl). My host did an awesome job of hiding Mickey-shaped items just like at the park (in chalkboard signs, with lemons in the water, on the ceiling, etc.) and people surprisingly actually really got into it. There was 10 and most guests could only find nine—it drove them crazy!”

—submitted by L606

“I hosted a bridal shower for my friend and all I can say is that elderflower cocktail with pear vodka is the only game you need.”

—submitted by scarlettohara1

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