The First 6 Things You Should Do on Your Wedding Day

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A wedding day is more than a list of tasks. It’s a day to celebrate the start of your new life with the person you love. But, magical day aside, there are details that must be taken care of. There are usually a lot of people involved, including vendors and last-minute changes. All of this and you haven’t even been married yet! The day-of can be so crazy a lot of couples never even get the chance to eat. While we know there’s a lot to be done, what should you tackle first? Is there an ideal order to the tasks of the day? Here’s the first six things you should accomplish before walking down the aisle.

1. Prep Your Skin and Relax

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The first thing you should do right when you wake up in the morning is be kind to your face. This goes for both women and men. A big part of looking good is skin quality. Are your under eyes baggy from a night of tossing and turning? (We get it—there was a lot on your mind the night before!) Consider prepping cool under-eye treatments the night before by placing them in the fridge. In the morning, simply slap ’em on those bags and treat yourself. The best thing about this step is it starts your day off right with some attention on yourself instead of answering texts or helping one of your bridesmaids who woke up with a bad hair day. Make a whole treat of this process with your favorite morning beverage while taking a warm, relaxing bath. Use your favorite skin treats to start your day off glowing and refreshed.

2. Check in with the Wedding Coordinator

This is a big one. Checking in with the coordinator you hired is one of the best steps you can do to ensure everything is going off without a hitch for you to get hitched. Coordinators do their best to be self-sufficient and not waste your time with pointless questions, but some things need your personal sign-off or opinion. So, get on the phone and give your coordinator a quick call. If there are issues, you can now delegate and put your best people on it while you continue to get ready and relax. If you don’t have a coordinator, this would be the time you call whoever is setting up your venue. You likely have someone who isn’t really your wedding coordinator, but who’s filling the role in some capacity. (If you don’t, you may want to consider getting someone, like your mom, aunt, or close friend, who can assist in general delegation and make sure everything is running smoothly.)

3. Check in With the Crew

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The next step after you’ve got your skin glowing and checked with the coordinator is to gather the troops. Where are the bridesmaids and groomsmen? In other words: where are your people? Is your bridal party getting ready with you or do they have other plans such as helping with wedding prep? If not gather, then just check that they are all alive and doing well, and are on track to comply with the day’s activities. If their assignment is to meet you in the morning, send a quick group text and just ensure everybody is awake and coming over. Once you have an idea of when everyone is showing up and where, the rest of your day can begin.

4. Check in with Key Guests

Now, it’s time to check in with people who aren’t in your bridal party, but who are family and close friends that you want to keep tabs on. It seems like such a no-brainer step, but knowing where your parents, grandma, etc. are at this time will help put your mind at ease. Once you know everyone is good, you’ll be surprised what a load it takes off your shoulders.

5. Prep the Groom or Bride Gift

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Amid all this prep, you’re (hopefully) thinking about your soon-to-be husband or wife. What are they doing right now? Are they as nervous or excited as you? While your mind is on your one true love, start writing a special letter to them or prep the gift you have for them. It will be a nice way to keep yourself busy in the downtime of getting ready and helps prevent overthinking.

6. Enjoy Yourself!

The last thing you should prioritize the day of your wedding as your prep for walking down the aisle is to have fun! It’s easy to get swept up into details and tasks, but enjoying the day should be near the top of any list. You’ve probably paid a lot of money and spent countless hours of planning to make this day happen, so live it out to the fullest. Cry, laugh (and eat!). Take a moment or two to realize it’s actually happening. You’re really getting married to the person you love most in the world! Once you’ve taken a moment to appreciate the day, then the minutia can take place. But remember to enjoy yourself first.

If you follow this list, you should be on your way to the wedding of your dreams. Sometimes, how you mentally enter into something will say everything about how the whole event will go. If you keep a finger on the pulse and keep yourself calm going in, chances are your day will be relaxed, too. Although lists can be a cause of stress all their own and structure can be a pain, on a wedding day, the more structure the better. This list will help you stay on schedule so you don’t have to worry, and the less worry, the more fun.

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