Wedding Registry Hacks You Can’t Live Without

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Almost any task can be made better with good hacks, and your wedding registry is no different! In fact, did you know there are sites dedicated to exactly this purpose? Need is the mother of invention, and after years of struggle with old fashioned registry-making (think of churning butter), the registry gods have seen fit to grant us easier ways. All joking aside, we live in a glorious time full of wonderful hacks that you can utilize.

Registering with Perks

Did you know that some places offer perks when you register with them? I’ve even heard of some crazy amazing offers such as monetary kickbacks or free monogrammed towels. Turn this little opportunity into a hack by comparing perks within your eligible store choices. Pick the best perk, and you win.

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Ask About the Spreadsheet

You’d think that in this day and age, every registry would help you out with some spreadsheet magic, but sadly it’s not the case. Make sure you ask the store if they provide spreadsheets that include each guest’s name along with the gift he or she purchased. These lists are invaluable later when you’re writing thank you notes. You may think you’ll keep everything organized yourself, but you could also end up tearing through the gifts enthusiastically while drinking a glass of wine with your partner. (No judgment here; it happens all the time.) However, trying to guess whose name went with what gift later on is not likely going to work out. If you’ve got a simple spreadsheet, you won’t need to worry about this. Tear into your gifts with abandon and enjoy knowing you’ve got it all tracked without having to lift a finger.

Build a Card

Thank you cards are a lot of work. Build your cards ahead of time by leaving blank lines to write in the gift they got you. Make your card language just generic enough that it can work for anything. There are even sites that will print ready-made cards like this for you. But if you’re the type that likes to hand write your cards, just do them yourself. Or if you’re a level-10 hacker, you can force your bridesmaids and groomsmen to come over and help you write them for an even faster sendout.

Share a Google Doc

Oh boy, people can be silly when it comes to registries. Guests buy gifts and forget to mark that they bought it from the registry list. Guests get confused and angry when someone buys the gift they wanted to buy. It’s all a little overwhelming. How do you circumvent this? Hack it with a Google doc or Google chat group. Let your guests have access to a group where they can discuss gifts if they’d like. Present it as a place where they can say what gift they got or ask other guests what they purchased. This sharing corner can also double as a question board where guests can talk about anything they want, from what they’re wearing to who’s watching the cats during the honeymoon. By giving them a space to communicate, you’ve hacked your registry and can avoid duplicate gifts.

Know the “In” with Sales

Keep your eye out for sales, and let your guests in on them. Everyone will be appreciate it if you let them know when a sale is happening and you’ll get better gifts. This hack is truly a win-win for everyone involved.

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Amazon Registries Are Your Friend

Did you know that Amazon does registries? Think about it: Amazon. Amazon has everything. You can literally add anything to your list. There are so many possibilities. Also, your guests with Amazon Prime will thank you!

Funding Sites to Collect

Let’s say you don’t really need that much stuff, but you’d love for guests to help finance your honeymoon. There are some great funding sites out there with the technology to take care of it for you. You simply provide guests with a link to your page, and they can pay into your honeymoon fund. These sites will also provide a list of everyone who contributed to the fund and the amount they gave. Can you say, “Easy thank you cards”? Easy thank you cards.

Find That Golden Checklist

You’re trying to think of what you need, and you think you got everything on your list, then later you remember a few items you can’t believe you didn’t add. It happens all the time. Get around it with a checklist! They are everywhere online, and there are lots of different ones. Find a good one that fits you and get an idea of the things you might need.

Hacks are everywhere, and with a little planning, ingenuity, and hacking, your wedding registry can be a breeze.

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