Where Should You Stay on Your Honeymoon?

A couple kiss on a sunset beach

Sometimes the little details can get lost in the shuffle with big plans. Maybe you know where you want to go on your ultimate romantic getaway, but have you thought about what kind of accommodations you want while you’re there? Honeymoons aren’t just about the sites and the sounds, it’s about where you relax and spend your down time with the one you love the most! How private do you want it to be? What kind of atmosphere do you want? It’s your once-in-a-lifetime vacation, so make sure you’re getting exactly what you’ve been dreaming about!

And you don’t have to let budget to limit your dreams. Mounds of crockpots and china sets aren’t the only thing you can get from your wedding registry these days. Once you’ve found your ideal destination and your perfect lodgings, set up a registry with Blueprint and use their “cash registry” options to allow your loved ones to help give you a truly unique experience! Even though there are preset options, they are fully customizable so you only have to ask for exactly what you need.

Make sure you enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest, whether you’re out on the beach, exploring the city, checking out the local food, or just spending time relaxing in each other’s arms.

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