Real Wedding/Guest Submissions

If you recently got married and would love to show off your wedding to the hive, we’d love to feature YOU!

Real Weddings

The Real Weddings series shows off your wedding day in pictures and words. Share your day with the hive! Or maybe you’ve seen a gorgeous real wedding recapped on the Weddingbee boards? Nominate the poster for a Real Weddings from the Hive feature, and we’ll reach out to them. Just send a link to their recap post, along with their username and why you think their wedding would make a great feature to [email protected]


Please fill out the following questions and send a couple sample pictures or a link to your online wedding album to [email protected] with the subject “Real Wedding Submission,” and we’ll contact you if we’d like to feature your wedding.

These are general guidelines, but feel free to add any additional information you’d like to share. See all of our latest Real Weddings here.

The Details

1. Bride’s Name:
2. Groom/Partner’s Name:
3. Venue(s):
4. Wedding Date:
5. Bridal Gown Designer:
6. Florist:
7. Photographer:
8. Videographer:
9. Cake:
9. Wedding Coordinator:
10: Bridesmaids’ Dresses:
11. Honeymoon:

The Story

Please tell us the story of your wedding—your theme, details, cultural & religious ceremonies, etc. Feel free to add captions to pictures or reviews that you’d like to share with readers.

What were your favorite or most memorable aspects of your wedding day?

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Do you have any advice for future brides?


DIY Projects

How did you make your wedding really personal? Share a step-by-step DIY tutorial for invitations, flowers, decor…even your dress!


If you’re a real bride or groom (or just a wedding enthusiast) and created a fabulous DIY project with pictures and a step-by-step tutorial, we’d love to feature it! You must either have a background in wedding planning or have previously written about a related topic. We are also looking for writers with an ability to write in an informative, credible, conversational tone on DIY topics and projects. Please create an account through our DIY Writer page and submit your DIY Projects here.


Bees Anonymous

Did you find yourself in a sticky wedding situation and feel like others could really relate or learn from your struggles? Whether it was navigating relationships with your nearest and dearest, feeling let down and frustrated, or struggling with issues of fear, jealousy, budget woes, intimacy, vendors, etc., share your story with us.

Or maybe you’ve got a burning question or dilemma that you’d love more opinions/advice on, but maybe don’t want to attach your name to?  Current and past brides and grooms will weigh in with their take on your dilemma, and we’ll leave the comments open so the hive can weigh in as well!


If you’re currently navigating, or have successfully navigated, a tricky wedding or relationship related conundrum and are looking for support, advice, or to share your story without revealing who you are, we’d love to run your anonymous post. Email your submission to [email protected] with the subject line “Bees Anonymous Submission.”

Note: We won’t simply run venting posts—we’re looking for submissions that a broad audience can relate to. Perhaps you and your fiance/e come from different ethnic or socioeconomic backgrounds and it’s causing a rift in your relationship, or you and your fiance/e have different expectations for sex. If you have a feeling that lots of bees are struggling with an issue similar to yours, but you know you just can’t talk about it openly, this is the place for you.


We look forward to hearing from you and featuring your wedding/story on Weddingbee! 🙂


Note: Our guest submissions almost exclusively come from real brides and grooms via custom campaigns. If you’re a vendor or PR agency with a press release, product, service, event, or contest donation you’d like us to consider, please visit this page for details on custom campaigns. All other avenues of contact from PR or vendors will not be read or considered. We do not, under any circumstances, run posts for link exchanges.

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