10 Things You’re Forgetting on Your Wedding Registry

Someone making a cocktail at a home bar.

When starting a wedding registry, you may be tempted to follow a standard shopping list you’ll find online or advice from your friends and family. While these may provide good guidelines, they’re not a rule book on what you can or can’t add to your registry. In fact, many couples say they would have done their registry differently, had they given it a bit more thought.

Don’t get us wrong—there’s nothing wrong to going with a classic registry approach, but it’s smart to give these few forgotten items a second look.

1. A Piece of Art

One of the main ideas behind a wedding gift registry is to fill your new home with adult essentials. And nothing says you’re a mature adult like an attention-getting work of art. So, if there’s a piece you’ve been eyeing but maybe don’t have the courage to splurge on, it could definitely be something to add to your wedding registry.

2. Home Decor

An aerial view of a rustic coffee table with candles and small vases.

In addition to art, home decor items are a great way to personalize your registry and assure that you’ll have a cozy place to live once you move into your new home as a married couple.

3. DIY Tools

Something that’s considered essential but often missed are tools. This can mean a properly organized tool kit or a cordless drill. Trust us—they will very much come in handy!

4. Quality Luggage

A pair of suitcases at a modern hotel lobby.

If there’s one thing couples never regret adding to their registry (although many forget), it’s quality luggage. It’s a small detail that will amp up your honeymoon experience, provided that you get the gifts before you jet out.

5. Furniture

You may think a wedding registry is reserved for smaller basics such as cookware, towels, and bedding, but there’s nothing that says you can’t ask for big-ticket items like a new TV or a comfy couch. Not to mention, these items are likely to be much more appreciated by you over a longer period of time and they’re often not any more costly than a fancy set of dishes.

6. Fun and Games

A group of friends playing a boardgame.

One thing you’ll never regret is some entertainment, be it board games, a pool table, or even a home bar set-up. Once you’re married, you’ll likely be hosting your friends and family in your new home, so it’s great to have a few essentials lying around. As a bonus, when your guests come over, they’ll be happy to see that you’ve been enjoying their gifts.

7. Tech Upgrades

Registries offer an easy way to upgrade your lifestyle. Usually, people think of this as just opting for something more high-end, but it can also mean modernizing your lifestyle. With all the smart home tech available these days, such items will not only make your daily life easier, but are yet another investment that you’ll appreciate long-term. Consider asking for Amazon’s Ring, an iHome, or maybe just a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

8. Your Honeymoon Fund

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In addition to actual gifts, offer your guests the option to contribute to your honeymoon fund instead. There are many benefits to doing so, the least of which is it’ll save you a lot of cash in terms of your wedding budget.

9. Subscription Services

If you’re not sure what you want but know what you need, you can ask for a subscription to a specific service. These days, there are so many options including a regular cleaning service, a monthly wine bottle delivery, or even an annual pass to Apple Music. Anyone who is not big on physical gifts will find this alternative much more suitable.

10. Something for Yourself

A young couple camping with their dog.

A wedding registry does not have to be boring home goods. Feel free to add something that’s just for you or your significant other alone. For example, if your husband or wife is into gaming, why not ask for the latest Playstation? Or, if you’re into crafting, feel free to add a fancy sewing machine onto the list. Take note of things you like to do as a couple, too. Do you two love camping or spending time outdoors? Why not ask for a tent or a new BBQ? If you love to travel, you can always request hotel gift cards—that’s one gift that will never be left unused!

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