10 Wedding Registry Items Every Couple Needs

A cast iron skillet from a wedding registry with cinnamon buns.

Putting together your wedding registry can be a surprisingly stressful time filled with some confusing thoughts and questions. Do you go for a practical list of items you know you specifically need? Do you include items you’ve always wished to own, but that maybe aren’t for everyday use? What are some registry ideas you may not have thought of, but that would be fun to add? Here’s a list of 10 registry items that every engaged couple should consider adding to their list.

1. Pressure Cooker or Crock Pot

Whether you’re interested in the Instant Pot fad or you’re a more classic crock pot or slow cooker kind of person, adding one (or both) of these items to your list is a perfect way to get into a new form of cooking without spending money of your own to try something you may or may not like.

2. Basic Cookware Items

Although you should definitely ask for more specialized cookware (don’t worry, we’ll get to it on this list!), it’s also smart to add some basic cookware sets or individual items to your registry. This is a great way to add some more inexpensive items to your list, as well as stock up your new kitchen with an array of practical pieces that you know you’ll need.

3. Beautiful Dishware

Blue and white dinnerware from a wedding gift registry.

This classic registry staple is on lists for a reason: it’s both practical and special. Your dishware will be something you use literally every day, so getting some high-quality, beautiful dishes is actually a bigger deal than it may initially seem. Don’t be afraid to really explore the options available to you on this one—you may be surprised by how many different styles, colors, shapes, and other factors you’ll need to consider. But no matter what specific pieces you choose, do make sure you put dishware on your registry list; you’ll be happy you did!

4. Outdoor Tools

Do not forget that homes often have an outdoor space that you’ll need to cultivate! Outdoor items and tools such as lawn mowers, weed whackers, snow blowers, and leaf blowers can be extremely useful and are not something that folks often remember when they’re thinking about what might be necessary registry items.

5. Dutch Oven

As mentioned before, a wedding gift registry is also the perfect time to put a few more specialized pieces of cookware on your list, and one of the best options for that is a dutch oven. These are the perfect item for going from the kitchen to the table with no food transfering needed. Consider choosing a piece in a good size for your family, but also don’t forget to look at color options and consider something fun that suits your aesthetic taste as well.

6. Luggage Set

A newlywed couple with suitcases from their wedding registry at an airport.

Many couples don’t think to include new luggage on their registry, but it’s such a useful option for newlyweds. You’ll likely be going on a honeymoon where you’ll need some suitcases, not to mention all of the traveling to see friends and family in the first few years of marriage.

7. Large Cast Iron Skillet

Back in the kitchen, another great option for cooking items is a large cast iron skillet. You can get one pre-seasoned or you can choose to season it yourself, but either way this is a great choice for your registry. Cooks in your family and friend groups may have lots of strong opinions about the best cast iron for you, so they’re the perfect ones to purchase this gift item!

8. Vacuum

A new vacuum is the perfect registry item. It’s practical, you’ll use it a lot, and you might not necessarily think to purchase a nice one for yourself. You could even consider registering for a robot vacuum if you think that would work for your home.

9. High-Powered Blender

A woman using a high-powered blender from her wedding registry to make a smoothie.

You won’t realize how amazing and useful a high-quality, high-powered blended is until you own one— but you’d better believe you’ll never go back once you do. There are many different brands that people swear by, so be sure to do your research on what will work best for your needs. Many couples skip registering for a nice blender because they don’t think they’ll need it, but they have so many uses. Once you begin to utilize your high-powered blender, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

10. Grill

Unless you live somewhere with no outdoor space at all, a grill is an essential item for every newelywed couple. Summertime cooking will suddenly become so much easier with a new grill, and there’s just something about cooking outside that brings fun and adventure to an otherwise standard meal. Whether you ask for a small, super simple charcoal grill or a large propane barbecue with all of the bells and whistles, don’t forget to add this gem of an item to your registry list. Your summer selves will thank you!

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