5 Wedding Gifts for the People Who Have Everything

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Finding the perfect wedding gift can be tough, especially if you have a close relationship with the couple. While a gift registry helps a lot, not all newlyweds choose to have one and even if they do, sometimes none of the items listed feel…good enough. Things get even more difficult if you’re shopping for a couple who already seems to have everything. In this case, you have to put your thinking cap on. If you find yourself lost in thought over what to get, here are some ideas that are nearly foolproof.

1. A Personalized Subscription

Magazines aside, subscriptions are always a great idea for a gift. Not to mention, it’s one that keeps on giving! Today, you can find subscription services for nearly anything, so it’s easy to customize to the couple’s liking. Wine, beer, or liquor subscriptions are great options if the couple loves to indulge. Wine Down Box offers a monthly delivery service that not only delivers fine wines, but also a selection of curated cheeses, meats, and snacks. For beer lovers, Craft Beer Club is a great choice. Alternatively, you can also find non-alcohol-related subscriptions such as Kinder, which is a vegan beauty box subscription, or MistoBox for coffee-lovers.

2. Explore and Experience

A newlywed couple in a tropical destination looking at their phone.

While things may come and go, experiences last a lifetime. With helpful aids like Groupon, Airbnb Experiences, or Travelzoo, you’ll surely find something that a couple can enjoy together. However, if you have a specific idea in mind, you can contact a provider directly. If the couple has always wanted to try horseback riding, why not arrange for a private lesson or few? Or if the newlyweds are foodies, schedule a cooking class with a top chef. If all else fails, why not gift a luxury spa day? After all the stress of wedding planning, that is one gift that won’t go to waste.

3. That’s So Retro

A woman holding a light blue Polaroid camera.

Retro items are not only trendy, but can bring back memories. Some throwback ideas include Polaroid instant cameras—who doesn’t remember these? For music fans, especially if they have a record collection, consider the Victrola all-in-one turntable. Not only can it play records, CDs, cassettes, and the radio, but it also has Bluetooth connectivity. It’s the perfect nod to the old and modern.

If the couple loves to travel and you don’t mind splurging, consider one of the beautiful luggage pieces from Globe-Trotter. Their vintage designs are all handcrafted, high-quality, and guaranteed to be show-stopping. The St. Moritz grey and lilac design is ideal for a summer honeymoon, while the Safari collection is more practical and timeless.

4. For the Socialites

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If the couple loves to host or are still kids at heart, why not purchase them a new board or card game? There are plenty of new options coming out constantly. Some popular new options include “What Do You Meme?”, Exploding Kittens, and “If You Had To…

Even if they have plenty of game at home already, there’s always something new and interesting to find. However, do keep in mind that unless the newlyweds are serious party people, it’s smart to pick an option they can play just together. That way, they can enjoy their gift even if they crave some time alone.

5. Dazzling Decor

If the couple loves history and art, they might appreciate a unique decor piece to add to their home. If you know their taste, you can check out museum shops such as The Met or The Guggenheim. Don’t just pick out something pretty—choose something with a meaning, and include an explanation in the card if necessary. You can also commission an artist to paint a portrait of the couple together, or purchase a well-done replica of a timeless piece you know they adore.

Additional Tips for Shopping

When searching for the perfect gift, you have to consider the couple’s lifestyle. Do they have everything because they can afford it, or do they have everything they need because they’re minimalist? Are they more about staying at home or are they jet-setters?

In addition, think back and try to remember if they mentioned something in a past conversation. Or, perhaps they have something they love that needs upgrading. Practical items, unless they’re redundant, will always be appreciated.

If nothing seems ideal, you can also find unique gifts by browsing sites such as Etsy, Uncommon Goods, Not On The High Street, or The Wedding Shop.

While wedding gifts are traditionally made with both partners in mind, it is perfectly fine to give two separate gifts instead. This can make things easier, especially if the couple is a case of “opposites attract.”

Lastly, even if you’re dealing with an affluent couple, a gift does not have to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts. Therefore, it’s important to put some thought into your purchase.

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