6 High-End Items You Can (and Should) Add to Your Wedding Registry


Your wedding registry can be overwhelming, especially as you start to contemplate whether an item is too extravagant or too pricey to ask for. Most couples start with a humble mind, selecting kitchen items, picture frames, and small trinkets for their home together. But you shouldn’t be afraid to go for the gadgets and furnishing you really want, even if they are a bit on the high-end side. Your wedding registry is like a wish list. If you don’t put what you want on your wedding registry, how will that wish ever be granted?

Many modern wedding registries (like Wayfair) offer group gifting options, allowing the couple (YOU) to ask for those high-end items without feeling bad about asking guests to spend high prices. Big-ticket gifts become much more attainable (and affordable for guests) when multiple people share the cost. So with that in mind, what amazing products should you consider? Let’s start with these:


Professional “S” 10pc Knife Block Set by Zwilling JA Henckels $499.99

A dull knife isn’t fun or functional when preparing dinner every night for the next 80 years of marriage. A durable and high-quality set of knives will help you prepare food faster, easier, and more safely. You can go for the entire set if you think it’s perfect for your cooking expertise or just register for some of the top knives you know you’ll need. The three most popular knives are a chef’s knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. You’ll probably spend many married years in the kitchen, so make them count with quality.


House of Hampton Winslet Velvet Sofa, $1,344

While traditionally couples didn’t move in together until after the nuptials, but nowadays that isn’t necessarily the case. From the couple starting off with nothing to the couple with everything, a trendy and comfortable new sofa is a great item to add to your wedding wish list. An investment piece like a sofa can help set the overall style of your décor, or it can help pull all your existing décor items together. Either way, getting a new couch without having to spend a dime of your own money is awesome, and even more awesome is letting your guests be a part of such a major home investment. Your Aunt Sally will love sitting down for after dinner conversation on a beautiful sofa that she got to contribute to. She’ll feel great, and your home will look great. Win win!


Standard Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop by bObsweep $259

A vacuum cleaner is a simple necessity in any home. It’s not that you want to mow your floors on a daily basis, but sometimes it just has to be done. You might as well keep clean in style. A robotic vacuum cleaner will give your floors the royal treatment. A top-of-the-line robotic vacuum cleaner—especially one that mops, sweeps, and sterilizes—will keep your house clean and your marriage happy because you won’t ever have to fight about debris on the floor.


Independence 5 Piece Place Setting by Lenox $199.99/each

Fine china is a gift that many couples have stopped registering for, whether it’s because they’re getting a great grandmother’s set or they think they won’t need them or because they think it’s too expensive of a gift to ask for. But really try to think ahead 10, 30 or 50 years from now. You may host a dinner party or holiday gathering and wish you had elegant place settings for your guests. China isn’t something most couples use on a daily basis, but it’s great to break out on special occasions. Porcelain and bone china are also durable and should last for decades, so maybe one day your own great grandchildren can use it for dining with their loved ones.


Infuser Espresso Machine by Breville $749.95

The sad, boring coffee machine that imitates the one at your office isn’t good enough in your new fairytale land of marriage. You deserve a crazy coffeemaker that spits out fresh espresso drinks so that you can impress all your guests. Plus, it will definitely make waking up for the early morning commute a lot better for both of you. Each morning can start with a touch of a button as you listen to it whirl and twirl a drink of perfection.


Spirit® E-310? LP Liquid Propane Gas Grill by Weber $599

A grill is perfect for couples that love to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. A grill may sound crazy because it’s not on many registries, but most couples go for all sorts of kitchen cookware items, so the grill just makes sense. Add a grill to your registry for years of flipping burgers, laughing on the patio, and hosting lots of barbecues!

Why Group-Gifting with Wayfair is a No-Brainer

Too shy to ask for that expensive espresso machine or splurge-worthy robotic vacuum? With Wayfair’s group gifting capabilities, you don’t have to be! This is the perfect registry option for you and your guests because it allows guests to choose how much they’ll contribute to your biggest wishes.

It’s really easy to set up too. Add your biggest wish (or wishes) to your registry, then mark each one as a group gift. As guests peruse your registry, they can decide whether to buy an item outright or contribute to a group-gift item. Guests can continue to contribute until the item is paid for in full. Pretty simple.

If you’ve got a few high-priced items on your registry, don’t be discouraged if they don’t all reach the full price amount because Wayfair will convert any contributions into store credit, so you can buy a less expensive version, pay the rest yourself, or use the credit for a completely different item entirely? Not a problem. If the price isn’t reached, we’ll convert all contributions into credit for you to use on Wayfair.

Group gifting is the easiest way to make your wish list fit anyone’s budget. And if the items on this list don’t interest you, check out Wayfair’s group gift ideas collection, which just may inspire your registry.

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