6 Registry Items You Will Actually Use in 10 Years

Couple cooking together

First comes the wedding; then comes the gifts. But what if choosing your gifts could help pay for your wedding? Like winning $10,000 gift card to Macy’s from their Married in Style Sweepstakes? All you have to do is create a registry! Sounds easy, right?

Maybe not. One of the biggest pitfalls most couples fall victim to is choosing everything in the registry catalog that they’ve ever thought about getting. A juicer, an ice cream maker, decorative pillows, the list goes on. While these things are fun, it’s best to save them for last. Make your registry work for you in the long run by initially setting your sights on gifts you will still use long after your first year of marriage.

1. Dinnerware

White dinnerware

A set of plates, bowls, and cups is probably the single most important item for a new home. Unless you always order takeout (which isn’t healthy for you or your wallet), everyone needs dishes to eat with. Pick a good set and pack them well during moves and you can ensure that they will see the next decade of your marriage along with you.

Pick a set—or choose enough individual pieces—for at least eight people so you’re not always running out of clean dishes or scrambling for paper plates when guests come over. While you may also be tempted into choosing bold patterns and colors, a classic, neutral set like the Noritake Colorwave Rim Dinnerware Collection will be easier to match with changing styles in the future.

2. Luggage

Traveling with luggage

It is the 21st century and the world is more connected than ever. People are maintaining their close ties with others regardless of distance thanks to things like Skype and FaceTime, and this means that it is becoming increasingly common to travel to see someone. So, it is very likely you will fly or drive at least a few hundred miles away from home several times in the next decade (starting with your honeymoon!), and a good luggage set will be a necessity.

Something with a distinctive look and durable wheels will be your best bet for surviving air travel with all of your stuff intact. Tumi has you covered on both fronts with their Alpha Collection, featuring bags in both checked and carry-on sizes.

3. Cutlery

Knife block

Cooking at home quickly becomes difficult with dull knives—or worse, with no cutlery at all. Simply put, knives are just a necessity if you hope to eat anything out of your own kitchen in the next several years. Go for a full set on your registry, but don’t forget to do a little research before picking one. You don’t want something cheap or you’ll end up wearing your arm out trying cut through everything from meat to butter with a worthless, dull blade. Something like this Calphalon Classic SharpIN Self Sharpening Cutlery Set will give you every knife you could every need and will take some of the work out of keeping your blades in tip-top shape.

4. Mixing Bowls

glass mixing bowl

While pots and pans are probably more important to the average cook, mixing bowls will always serve a purpose in the home no matter who you are. If you’re the type who can burn water, pre-packaged frozen pasta from the microwave may be more your forte. However, you’ll still want something to serve it out of and store it in for later. And, eventually, when you and your spouse do finally learn to cook these bowls will be a necessity for food prep and for serving when entertaining family for the holidays. Pyrex’s 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set (with colored lids) has the versatility everyone should be satisfied with, and they can nest in your cabinets to save space.

5. Vacuum

Upright vacuum

Whether you plan to rent a place for the time being or buy your own home, your residence will need care and attention for the rest of your life, which is why a vacuum should definitely be on your list.

Even if you don’t have carpet, many high performance vacuum cleaners these days are multi-surface and will go from area rugs to hardwood with ease, like the Dyson Small Ball Multifloor Upright Vacuum. Trust us; this is something you’re going to want to have from day one!

6. Bath Towels

Bath towels

Linens can easily slip under the radar when you’re getting married and preparing to start a new life together. Most couples already have their queen or king bed to sleep in together, complete with sheets, but what about bath towels? Do you have enough for two, or more in the case of future children and guests? Probably not. And what will you do without them? Not shower?

There will never be a time in your home when you don’t need towels in your bathroom, so save yourself a headache and just place them on your registry now. Pick something like these cotton ones from the Martha Stewart Collection in a nice neutral color so they’ll continue to match any new bathroom décor you might decide on later.

Make Your Wishlist!

Now that you know what items to ask your guests for, it’s time to actually create the registry! Macy’s has you covered with plenty of options for these necessities. Just make sure to add at least $500 worth of items to your list for your chance to win the $10,000 gift card! Imagine splurging on that expensive wedding dress without a second thought! Well, it could be yours, and so could some amazing gifts from Macy’s. Start your registry today and enter!

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