7 kate spade Dinnerware Items You’re Dying to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Planning for a future with your soon-to-be-spouse can be stressful, but it can also be exciting. With a lifetime of wedded bliss ahead of you, there are about a thousand things to consider: how will you approach the wedding planning, will your living arrangements change, who is bringing what into the marriage, etc. While some of these decisions will be easier than others to make, the decision of what to register for is one of the more fun questions you can answer right now! Whether you’ve been daydreaming about all the dinner parties you’ll host or hoping for some better quality serving bowls, these 7 kate spade new york dinnerware items should definitely be on your wedding registry.

1. Cypress Point Stemware Collection

kate spade new york Cypress Point Stemware Collection

You may not feel like an adult, but getting married is the ultimate mature adult decision. Now that you’re newlyweds, you need your own set of gorgeous stemware. Of course, you don’t need to buy basic wine glasses when there are so many more elegant and interesting collections out there (like this one).

2. One Smart Cookie Cookie Jar

kate spade new york One Smart Cookie Cookie Jar

Is there anything worse than biting into a stale Oreo? We think not! A cute cookie jar can create a fun accent for your kitchen and keep your sweet snacks fresher longer.

3. Two of a Kind Napkin Holder

kate spade new york Two of a Kind Napkin Holder

You don’t have to live in Maine to love lobster (or this lobster napkin holder). Place this crustacean on your bar cart, buffet table, or dining room table for a quirky, yet polished, look that is fun and functional.

4. The Mis-Matched Waverly Pond Dinnerware Collection

kate spade new york Waverly Pond Collection

Some fine china designs are so fancy that you’re almost afraid to use them. In fact, when couples talk about their wedding registries, many associate fine china with an antiquated idea of what “adulting” means, but dinnerware doesn’t have to look like it is fit for a queen to be considered fine china. Some of the more modern designs (like this one) do a fantastic job of pulling sophistication and whimsy into one collection by mis-matching patterns. This collection mixes neutral colors with a retro floral design and charming lattice pattern for something chic and contemporary.

5. Serving Bowl Set

kate spade serving bowls with lids

Serving sets are a must for anyone who plans to host dinner parties or works in an office that loves its pot lucks, but what makes this serving set special is its plastic lids. The gorgeous enamel on steel makes these bowls sturdy and stylish, while the lids make leftovers a breeze.

6. Two of a Kind Got Dot Shaker

kate spade new york Two of a Kind Got Dot Shaker

Shake it off and shake it up with this adorable polka dot cocktail shaker. Whether you’re hosting a ladies night with delicious gin martinis or just enjoying a nightcap with your beau before bed, this shaker will add function and whimsy to your barcart.

7. Two of a Kind Pop & Fizz Set of 2 Stemless Champagne Glasses

Two of a Kind Pop & Fizz Set of 2 Stemless Champagne Glasses

Playful couples should have a playful home, right? So, if you’re the pop and he’s the fizz (or vice versa), why not get champagne glasses that reflect that? Every year, you can celebrate your anniversary and toast to keeping the pop and fizz alive for many more years to come! (Plus, stemless glasses are great for clumsy couples.)

BONUS: Oak Street 7-Pc. Judaica Seder Plate & Bowl Set

Oak Street 7-Pc. Judaica Seder Plate & Bowl Set

If neither you nor your partner is Jewish, you can probably skip this one, but if you practice Judaism, this tastefully beautiful Seder plate and bowl set is perfect for Passover. With both Hebrew and English text, the set is wonderful if you are a couple who plans to have children or has non-Jewish friends who simply enjoy participating in your Passover traditions, as it can also be helpful for learning purposes.

Now Get to Registering!

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