7 Wedding Registry Items You’ll Use Every Day

A table setting with gold flatware, white plates, and pink accents off of a wedding registry.

Making a wedding registry can feel like an overwhelming task. There are so many different directions you could go with it, and walking into a big store and making your choices in the moment can feel like a monumental task. But at the end of the day, you want to put items on your registry that you will actually love and, most importantly, actually use. So what are some items to put on your list that you will actually get use out of every single day? Here are some great options.

1. Dishware and Flatware

Although asking for plates and forks may not sound super exciting, they are actually some of the registry items that you’ll end up using the most, so really put that into consideration when you make your choices with these. Getting high-quality dishware and flatware that feels both functional and beautiful to you will make a difference in your future day-to-day. Remember, you will likely use these items every single day of your life—so choose something that you really love and that feels like the right aesthetic for you and your partner. You might even consider looking through some of the options for individual dishware items as well. Finding a mug or two that you and your spouse-to-be love, even if they aren’t part of a full set, can be a great way to have a piece of your wedding as a part of your every morning, too!

2. Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine

A man holding a latte made with an espresso machine from their wedding registry.

Talk about an item that will be used every day! How much more useful can you get than a good quality coffee maker or espresso machine that you can bust out to make your favorite beverages every morning? Just remember when deciding which machine to place on your registry to be at least a little bit practical with your choice as well. Maybe in an ideal world you’d make your own iced latte every morning before work, but if you know you’re probably not going to do that, don’t ask for a machine for that purpose only. You’ll end up with a super fancy appliance that you get no use out of, and that’s not great for anybody!

3. High-Quality Knife Set

When starting their marriage journey, many couples struggle to bring together two homes and two lives with a sense of cohesion. Plates and cups and cookware from two apartments are trying to merge together in a way that doesn’t feel cluttered, overwhelming, and random. A great way to combat that in the kitchen is to register for a high-quality knife set. This will give you every type of knife you might need in an easy-to-contain, simple, and beautiful set.

4. Basic Cookware

Although it’s a great idea to use your wedding registry as a time to put some more expensive cookware items on your list, such as a new dutch oven or large cast iron skillet, it’s important to remember how useful basic cookware sets can be. No matter what you’re cooking, you’re likely to use at least one piece of a simple set every single day, so be sure to add a cookware set like this to your list.

5. Towels

A woman in a bathroom wearing a towel she received off her wedding registry.

Towels aren’t the most exciting registry item in the world, but a brand new set of fluffy, gorgeous, matching towels brings more joy than you might initially imagine. They are extremely practical, but can also be beautiful and a comfort item you may not have considered before. Plus, most people are unlikely to buy themselves the slightly more upscale version of a towel set, but often friends and family would be happy to purchase them for you. So add this to your registry and see what a difference a high-quality towel can make to your every day.

6. Pyrex Storage Set

Pyrex glassware is one of the most versatile kitchen pieces you could possibly own. Most sets can go in the microwave, oven, and freezer, so they’re able to be used for a variety of purposes. They also come in tons of different sizes, so you can register for whatever set truly suits your needs. You can use these for cooking, baking, storing leftovers, traveling with goods, and even cooking prep. Do not underestimate the versatility and functionality of a good glass food storage set.

7. Decorative Items or Artwork

An often underutilized idea in the creation of a great registry is including decorative items or artwork on your list. Although these items might not initially seem like essentials, they are actually a key component in putting together your home, and can make a big impact in your space. Having pieces —anything from pillows to vases to photographic art—that were gifted to you at your wedding will bring you such a great daily reminder of the importance of your marriage and it’s something that you will look at every day of your life. Don’t be afraid to ask for a more out-of-the-box item when you’re putting together your registry list—you might choose something that will grace your home for a lifetime.

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