8 Honeymoon Registry Etiquette Tips

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Completing a wedding registry can be completely overwhelming. There are many options of where to register, what to register for, and how to communicate the information to your guests. For many brides and grooms, the whole process can seem completely daunting. However, it’s now an option for couples to register for honeymoon-related items on their registry, which makes the task easier for those who may not need or want many home items. Since this is a relatively new concept, however, many couples may question the etiquette surrounding having a part of their registry dedicated to their honeymoon expenditures. We’re deciphering how to politely add honeymoon-centric items to your registry below so that you don’t have to feel awkward about doing so as you plan your wedding.

1. Pair a Honeymoon Registry with a Traditional Gift Registry

You probably won’t want to create merely a “honeyfund” (as they’re called) without also creating a more traditional wedding registry, as well. It’s nice to give guests options, especially more traditional guests from different generations that aren’t as accustomed to the idea of a honeymoon registry. You can simply register for fewer houseware items alongside the honeymoon ideas. This allows those who place value in gifting you something tangible to do so happily.

2. Share Your Honeymoon Plans with Guests

On your wedding website where you put information surrounding your “honeyfund,” put information about where you’ll be traveling for this exciting trip. Feel free to post pictures and links and be descriptive and creative in this part of your website. It will help your guests get excited about contributing to this part of your registry and it will be fun for them to read, too.

3. Keep the Honeymoon Registy Detailed

You don’t want to just ask guests to contribute money towards your honeymoon in this part of your registry, although doing so can easily be part of your “honeyfund.” Instead, break it down into sections where you have a fund for guests to contribute extra money for you to use for your trip and also have sections dedicated to excursions or experiences you would like to do on the trip. There are so many things you can register for relating to your honeymoon—anything from room upgrades to airline miles to guided tour tickets—so putting items into well-organized sections will greatly help your guests when they’re viewing it.

4. Create a Range of Price Points

When you’re registering for fun experiences or wishlist items for your honeymoon, choose items that span many different price points. Many sites dedicated to honeymoon registries include this wide range, allowing couples to register for items that cost as little as $10. This makes it easy for guests in any financial situation to contribute.

5. Take Note of Fees

There are certain websites that charge fees when people contribute towards a honeymoon fund. This is definitely something to take note of. If you can, arrange to take care of the fees charged to your guests when they make a contribution to this part of your registry. Alternatively, opt to use a site that doesn’t charge these fees to avoid the issue altogether.

6. Don’t Put it on Your Invite

It’s considered pretty tacky to put information about any registry, really, on your wedding invitation. This includes honeymoon registries, too. This information is best communicated to guests on a wedding website. If anything, include the address of your site on an information card included with your invitations in order for them to understand where to look in order to learn more.

7. Inform Close Friends and Family so they Can Share the Details

Since honeymoon registries are a somewhat new concept, there may still be individuals attending your wedding who don’t quite understand it. Ensure that key people surrounding your wedding such as siblings, wedding party members, and parents understand the concept so that they can explain it well if any guests bring it up with them. It’s not likely that guests would ask you as the bride and groom about it directly, as they may not want to come off as rude or bother you. However, they might question it with others close to the situation, so that’s something to keep in mind!

8. Share Your Experience Afterward with Your Wedding Guests

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Especially for those who contributed to your honeymoon registry, you’ll want to show them what a great time you had on the actual trip. Consider including a picture from the trip with their thank you card if your honeymoon is directly after your wedding. If you’re going on a delayed honeymoon, instead send your guests a quick text with a photo attached thanking them for their contribution and showing them what a great time you’re having or had on the trip. It will definitely make them feel appreciated.

Honeymoon registries are a wonderful way to aid in your efforts to go on the trip of a lifetime after you tie the knot! Especially if you already live with your significant other, you may find that these registries are better suited for you than a full-on traditional registry, so it’s certainly something to consider.

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