8 Household Items Worth Upgrading on Your Wedding Registry

An aerial view of a blender off of a wedding registry with chunks of pineapple in and around it.

When creating your wedding gift registry, you might only be considering items that you don’t already have in your home—things like stand mixers, bread makers, or fancy china. And while those are lovely items to include on the list, it’s also a good idea to update some of the staple items around your home to nicer and newer models that will last for years and years to come! Here are some things to consider upgrading as you create your wedding registry.

1. A High Powered Blender

You may already have a simple blender in your current place, but your wedding is a great reason to register for an upgraded model. High-quality blenders make a world of difference, particularly if you’re a person who enjoys a homemade smoothie. Making the switch to a better blender can have a positive impact in your daily routine if you use it every morning and is the perfect item for your health-conscious friends to feel good about giving to you and your partner. So, if you’re considering some small appliance upgrades, a blender is a good choice!

2. Functional, Stylish Dishware

A set of rustic blue dishware off of a wedding registry.

Fine china is a great registry item and you should absolutely register for it if you’d like some, but it’s also a great idea to register for something functional and stylish that you will be able to use in your daily life as a married couple. Dishware is also a great wedding registry item because guests are able to purchase just a set or two, meaning that several people can work together to purchase a full set for you and your spouse. Dishware that you truly like and feel comfortable using is a small thing that can make a big impact on your married home life!

3. Dutch Oven

A brand new, high-quality dutch oven is a fantastic wedding registry gift. A good quality piece is incredibly well made and can last literally for decades if you take care of it correctly. A medium-sized dutch oven (not too small, but not too heavy, either!) will be a timeless, useful upgrade for your kitchen arsenal.

4. Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum from a wedding gift registry on wood floors under a chair.

People may not think to register for something like a nice vacuum cleaner, but this is a great time to upgrade that vacuum from college. You could register for a super high-end vacuum if you’d like, but even mid-priced vacuums are just as good nowadays and can be a very effective addition to your home for a long time. Ask friends and family if they have a favorite they can recommend and then add it to your list!

5. Pots and Pans

When considering household items to upgrade, don’t forget to take a look at your pots and pans. Although you may not need to go for a full set of brand new ones, registering for a few of your favorites is a great idea. If you know you have a certain pot that gets an awful lot of use in your kitchen, consider registering for an upgrade on that particular type. This is a great way to get a few quality pieces that you know you’ll use and love, rather than a gigantic set including unnecessary items that will sit in the cabinets and take up space.

6. Beautiful Vase

A turquoise ceramic vase with baby pink peonies in it that someone received off of their wedding gift registry

Although definitely not a necessity, a beautiful vase that will remind you of your wedding every time you use it is a very special thing. This could be something high-end like crystal, or even just a design aesthetic that you love. There’s something so special about being able to pull out a vase from your wedding every time you receive flowers, and it’s not necessarily something people think to register for. It will definitely be an upgrade from that recylced pickle jar!

7. Silverware

Finally getting quality, matching flatware can make a great statement in your kitchen and can also make you feel more comfortable hosting guests. Upgrading your flatware to an all-matching set is practical, but can make a big impact on your dining experience. This is also a great gift because it’s not necessarily something that you would go out and upgrade on your own, so adding it to your registry is a perfect solution.

8. Kitchen Knives

If you’ve lived on your own for any period of time, you likely have some kitchen knives in your collection, but now’s the time to amp it up and put a nicer set on your registry. This is a classic gift that a friend or family member will likely be more than happy to purchase for you. Plus, if you take care of it well, a nice set of kitchen knives can remain in your collection for years!

As you’re putting together your wedding gift registry, don’t think only about items you’re missing from your home. Consider things that you use constantly in your daily life that could perhaps use an upgrade—particularly things you wouldn’t necessarily think to get for yourself. Use this time to acquire some high-quality pieces that have the potential to last for years to come!

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