8 Unique Gifts to Give the Happy Couple

Wedding gifts on a table

When someone special in your life decides to tie the knot, you want to make sure that you are there to support the couple on the big day—and of course arrive with the perfect present. If you’re stuck on what to gift to the newlyweds (or you just can’t bear to buy them something boring like a strainer or some new flatware), here are eight unique gift ideas they’re sure to love. Let’s leave the new blender and the salt and pepper shakers for grandma and aunts to check off the registry list.

1. A Personalized Love Map

A Happy Map is a unique gift that’s part artwork, part sentimental keepsake that has a map and coordinates of a place that is significant to the couple. You could input the city where they met in college, the town where they fell in love during study abroad, or the coffee shop where the proposal happened—wherever you think would be most significant to them. Frame the Happy Map for your favorite couple, and they’ll be sure to treasure it for years to come.

2. Turn Your Friends into Lords and Ladies

Scottish highlands

Though the couple may be treated like royalty on their wedding day, you can make them actual nobility by purchasing them a small plot of Scottish land. Highland Titles sells land at the Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve and the Mountain View Nature Reserve in order to create multiple nature reserves throughout Scotland. Through land ownership you can be considered a Lord or a Lady,and are invited to visit your plot of land at any time. In addition to giving a certificate saying the couple now “owns” the land, you can also purchase them commemorative gifts to celebrate their new status as Lady or Lord of Glencoe. This is the perfect gift for the couple who has everything, or the couple who cares deeply about the environment.

3. Give Them the Gift of Al Fresco Dining

Nothing takes a meal to the next level like eating al fresco style. Give the couple everything they need to take their meal outdoors with a picnic backback—complete with melamine plates, goblets, flatware, napkins, a bread knife, wooden cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, and a sommelier’s corkscrew. The backpack even has its own blanket and detachable wine cooler. The inside of the main compartment can keep food cool just in case it takes awhile to get to their favorite picnic spot.

4. Buy Them Dinner for a Week

Whether the couple has decided to go on a honeymoon or they just want to hang out at their house for a few days before they have to get back to real life, adjusting back to “normal” life after getting married always takes a bit of effort. The last thing they want to do when they get home is to sit down and make a meal plan—so gift them a week of a meal kit like Plated or Blue Apron. All they have to do is redeem the gift card and they’ll have meals delivered to their door for a week.

5. Help Them Pack Up

Packed suitcase

Whether they’re going home for Christmas to visit the in-laws or they’re jet setting off to Japan or France, they’ll need to be prepared to take off a moment’s notice. Help them pack in an organized fashion with hanging packing cubes, which help keep a suitcase easy to zip up and also convert into a closet organizer when they arrive at a family’s house or a hotel room.

6. Give Them the Gift of the Perfect Pancake

When you get married, there are a few things that are guaranteed: you will fight, you will watch a lot of Netflix together, and you will eat a lot of pancakes on the weekends. Help the newlyweds get prepared to plate the perfect pancake with this pancake plate. This isn’t just any average pancake plate: it has a raised edge that slopes the plate toward the diner and has a reservoir for pooling loose syrup, so the pancake eater can scoop up any leftovers.

7. Help Them Make Dinner Decisions

Even those who love food and love to cook squabble with their spouse every once in awhile about what to make for dinner. Help them out of a dinner dilemma with Foodie Dice, which gives you a different meal with every roll of the dice. The dice has protein options, cooking methods, grain/carb selections, herb choices, and bonus ingredients to help anyone get out of a dinner rut.

8. Help Them Make More Room for Beer


If the newlyweds enjoy a cold one at the end of a long work day, you’re going to want to help them make more space in their fridge with the BottleLoft. The BottleLoft will attach a six-pack of beer to the top of the fridge with powerful neodymium magnets that keep the bottles in place without taking up valuable space on the shelf.

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