A Millennial’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

A millennial bride and groom holding a "just married" sign.

While creating a wedding gift registry has been a tradition for couples to indulge in during their engagement, the experience has evolved over the years. In fact, wedding registries of millennials in particular are shaking things up from what we’ve seen in registries past. That’s right—this ain’t your mama’s wedding registry! Millennials are making theirs more modern and innovative than those that have come before them. Since we know that the idea of creating a wedding registry can be overwhelming, we’re here to show you the ropes on creating the millennial wedding registry of your dreams to enjoy well past your wedding date.

Choose Your Platform

While it’s been traditional for couples to register at specific stores for their coveted items (and for guests to view the list on the store website or in-person at the store), there are now alternate options for consolidating a registry in one convenient place. Using platforms such as Zola make it easy to compile all registry items in one place—even if they’re from different stores. Plus, many platforms also offer easy-to-use apps that allow couples the freedom to start, alter, and monitor their registries from anywhere at any time. This certainly makes the process less cumbersome and more convenient, especially for those with a busy life on the go!

Platforms such as these are often easier for wedding guests to experience too, making them a solid choice overall. Pay attention to the different options these platforms offer. For instance, some provide couples the option of deciding when they will receive gifts purchased off their registry. Perhaps you will want to delay gifts from shipping until after you arrive back from your honeymoon, for instance. Little touches like these make all the difference in managing wedding gifts easily.

You’ll Want the Basics

Depending on how many of the basic home items you already have, you will want to add many of these staple home items and appliances to your registry. Something that hasn’t changed for the millennial generation is that your wedding is a great time to ask your loved ones for things you’ll use for years to come, such as a nice set of pots and pans, a set of china, or a luxe stand mixer.

Mix it Up, Too

Blue and white dishware that a couple registered for before their wedding.

Although you’ll definitely want the basics, that doesn’t mean you’re going to want an old fashioned china set like the one your parents or grandparents may have received for their wedding. Instead, feel free to opt for dishes and serveware that come in bold and funky colors and prints to really let your personality shine through via your housewares. You can also opt for retro style appliances in bright colors to suit your tastes while building a functional home.

Registries Aren’t Just for Physical Items

One of the most important things for millennials to understand while creating their dream registry is that it’s not all about physical items anymore. The days of adding merely appliances and other household items to your list of wants is a thing of the past. Instead, there are a wealth of platforms nowadays that allow couples to register for experiences. These may include gym classes for you to take together, spa visits, or other activities to enjoy as you delve into your married lives.

Modern Cooking and Food Experiences

Another thing you can register for that strays from the norm is meal kit delivery services to easily cook delicious, healthy, and well-balanced meals as you embark on the day-to-day of married life. Meal kit delivery services make dinners a breeze, delivered to your door with pre-measured ingredients, easy-to-follow recipes, and fresh ingredients that you’ll devour. This is especially great to receive after you’re winding down from the chaos of planning a wedding, making it the perfect item to request from your wedding guests in lieu of a physical gift.

Fund Your Honeymoon

Newlyweds on elephants during their honeymoon that was funded by thier wedding registry.

Besides registering for experiences that you’ll enjoy as a couple in everyday life, you may want some financial assistance in planning the honeymoon of your dreams. This can be done easily through your registry! You can even register for specific excursions to enjoy on your big trip, like spa experiences, snorkeling adventures, or something as extravagant as a helicopter ride. Guests can also elect to simply contribute funds towards the overall cost of your honeymoon, allowing you to use them as you please.

Stock Your Smart Home

Your smart home requires a lot of gadgets to be fully high tech. With that being said, there are many items to achieve this goal that can pair perfectly with your wedding registry. Consider smart thermostats, bluetooth speakers, or smart TV accessories as additions to your list to make your home as efficient and convenient as possible.

Creating your wedding registry around these ideas and shaping them to best suit the needs of you and your fiancé makes it easy to receive the things you want most during this special time from those you love.

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