Common Mistakes to Avoid With Your Wedding Registry

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Picking out your wedding registry is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. It can feel like a shopping spree as you add things you’ve always wanted to your registry list and hope someone splurges for you. But be careful or you could make mistakes without even realizing there were mistakes to be made. Here are the top mistakes to avoid with your wedding registry.

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Waiting Too Long to Register

If you wait until a few weeks before your wedding to register, you may be left high and dry without some really cool housewarming gifts. Create that registry within a few weeks of getting engaged so that you can start sending it to your guests early, allowing them to start shopping before your wedding shower invites arrive. You may think you’re being greedy, but you’re really just being organized. Wedding guests want to give you something that is really practical or thoughtful, but they also want to get something they know you’ll need or want. It makes it easier on them if items are listed clearly on your registry. You may even start to receive gifts as soon as you register instead of at the wedding because people will want to check gift shopping off their to-do lists and celebrate with you at the same time!

Not Giving the Guests Enough Gift Options

Your guests want options. Yes, we know you want that exact fluffy comforter. The odds of getting it are lower if you’ve registered for hundreds of other items, but registering for too few items will hurt you in the end. Think about it; you’ll probably invite double the amount of people that actually attend the wedding, but many of those invited guests will still send gifts. Truthfully, when you register, you may only actually need about ten of the items you scan, so you won’t lose out anyway, you’ll just get more fun gifts that you want. If you don’t register over the amount of items that you really need or really want, you could be losing out on gifts, when guests go to your registry and there are only three options left.

Not Giving the Guests Price Options

Many couples try to be conservative for guests, only scanning low-budget items for their registry. Remember, some people will go in together or splurge, so choose whatever you desire! Guests have all different budgets anyway, so it’s best to register for low-end and high-end items. You just never know who is going to feel like giving extra that day and buy you a big gift. It’s also best not to register for an entire set of things like pots and pans or kitchen items. It’s better to register for each single item, so it’s easier for guests to choose what best fits their price range.

Forgetting to Send Registry Gift Links to Guests

It sounds like a no-brainer, but many couples simply forget to send registry links to their guests. Guests aren’t psychic, so they don’t know exactly what you want unless you lead them to it. It’s a “no no” to list your link on the actual wedding invitation because it can seem like you’re asking for gifts as an admission ticket to get into your wedding. Just don’t do it. Put it on your Save-the-Date notices and on your wedding website. Guests will be thankful if they don’t have to hunt down your registry and can access it easily.

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Registering for Items You Won’t Use

Some couples see a registry as a way to get all of the newest kitchen products and household items you just love to look at. Don’t register for an items unless you’re really going to use it. A china set is beautiful and traditional, but if you aren’t going to truly enjoy it and use it, don’t register for it. You may love the look of a standing mixer on your kitchen counter, but don’t register for it if it’s just going to collect dust because you don’t cook. You don’t want those items ending up in a garage sale one day. Register for things you know both of you will love and use for years to come.

Not Registering for Items You Will Use in the Future

It’s one thing to register for items you won’t ever use, it’s another thing to register for things you will use at some point in the future. Your life may be full of nights eating out and never sitting down at the table to eat right now. In the future, you might eat more at home with your spouse or family. Plates and utensils might seem boring as a gift, or you may think a knife set is something only your parents might use. In all reality, you will need and use all of these items as you get older.

You may not be someone who cooks many meals in the kitchen, but fast forward five years into the future to when you have kids and want to make them dinner. Those pots and pans will surely come in handy at that time. That matching plate collection might seem silly at the moment, but one day you might be hosting a big party and may want to impress your guests with (at the very least) matching dinnerware.

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