Registry Highlight: Hullo Pillow

Bride sleeping in wedding gown

Registering for your wedding is one of the most exciting days of your engagement—it’s where you get to pick out all of the things that will make up your life together (and let’s be honest, those scanners are seriously fun). Of course you’ll be registering for all sorts of things for cooking, and maybe a nice set of luggage for the honeymoon, but you might be forgetting to add something to your registry for one of the most important parts of your marriage: sleeping.

Whether you’ve slept in the same bed for years or your wedding night is the first time you’ll have shared a bed together, getting a good night’s sleep with your spouse is a huge part of living your life together and you want to make sure you’re getting good rest each and every time you climb into bed. But if you or your new spouse are flip-floppy-tossy-turny sleepers who have tried everything from memory foam mattresses to yoga and chamomile tea before bedtime, the problem might be that you don’t have the proper pillow.

As you’re filling out your wedding registry, you might want to save a little room in there for Hullo—which might just be the best pillow you’ll ever own.

Here are just a few reasons why we love Hullo pillows, and why you will too.

A Hullo pillow opened to show buckwheat hull filling

The Hullo Pillow Works for Every Kind of Sleeper

Maybe you’ve always favored sleeping on your stomach or you’re the kind who starts out on your right side and ends up at the foot of the bed. Perhaps you picks one position and don’t move a muscle until morning. Whatever kind of sleeping style you or your future spouse have, Hullo pillows perfectly conforms to the shape of your head and neck, which will provide optimal, individualized support that will remove stress from your spine.

The pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls, which are firm but moldable. A pillow that’s made of buckwheat hulls feels different from your typical foam or feather pillow, which lacks adequate support and can strain your neck and back muscles—all of which can lead to a less-than-stellar night’s sleep.

There’s No More Need to Find the “Cool Side of the Pillow”

No matter what climate you live in, there always seems to be those restless few nights in the summer where you just can’t seem to get comfortable because of the heat—which always seems to be concentrated right into your pillow.

Instead of the constant flipping over to get to the “cool side,” why not get a pillow that will always feel comfortable and just the right temperature? Traditional pillows tend to retain body heat, which is why your pillow always feels so hot and uncomfortable during the summer months. Hullo’s buckwheat fill allows air to pass through the pillow. Because this air can flow freely, heat doesn’t build up and make you toss and turn during those warmer nights, giving you a comfortable, cool eight hours.

A large Hullo pillow

The Hullo Pillow is Made with Quality Construction and Materials

The idea for Hullo was inspired by the centuries-long use of buckwheat pillows in Asia, which conform to your body and give cool and comfortable support. This modern version of the traditional buckwheat pillow incorporates high quality materials such as a pre-shrunken and durable twill cotton case, a hidden zipper, and uses a buckwheat hull fill that was grown and milled in North Dakota.

Hullo is environmentally-friendly, organic, and doesn’t use chemical-based foams or bird feathers. It also only uses 100% unbleached certified organic cotton. Hullo is so committed to being an environmentally-friendly company that they donate 1% of all profits to The Nature Conservancy.

Your Favorite Pillow. Guaranteed.

Many who try Hullo say they never want to sleep on another pillow again, and it’s consistently given high ratings from their customers. They’re so sure of their handiwork that they have an offer for you to try their product for 60 days, and if you aren’t satisfied they’ll give you a complete refund with no questions asked.

Get the good night’s rest that you and your new spouse deserve! Hullo would be a great addition to any wedding registry as it ships fast and best of all—free—in the contiguous U.S. You can order a Hullo pillow through their website, or you can conveniently add it directly to your registry on Amazon and sleep soundly after all that wedding planning.

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