Stories from the Hive: Favorite Wedding Registry Items

A small wedding gift wrapped in kraft paper and surrounded by green and white flowers.

Now that the honeymoon is over, it’s time to fill your home with all the goodies you received from the wedding. What item on your wedding registry turned out to be your favorite? Is it super useful in your everyday life or is it simply a daily reminder of that special day?

Nice sheets! And an ActiFry; we use it so much for lunch and dinners.

Our Breville Smart Oven, Ninja Coffee Bar, and outdoor grill! We got many great gifts, but those are our favorites. Honorable mention goes to the robot vacuum and All-Clad cookware. We use our favorites all the time.

Having been the bride, it taught me not to be afraid to buy a “boring” gift off the registry. A practical gift is much more exciting than another monogrammed robe or slippers.

— submitted by yaara

We loved our Vitamix—it’s so useful and something we can do together.

— submitted by thiebaud2018

We used so we were able to include both honeymoon excursions and items from different stores, so my answer is kind of two-sided. My nanny bought us special tourist passes for our honeymoon in Edinburgh and it was the most amazing experience. I probably would have bought them for the honeymoon anyway, but it was great to be able to show her the pictures afterwards of what her gift gave us: memories! However, if I had to say an item, although lame-sounding, I would say our spice rack! I did not know what I was missing until I got one. It’s highly underrated. The organizational side of me loves it and we use it every day!

— submitted by mrsnitti17

For a lower priced item, we got an Misto olive oil sprayer. When I started filling it, I thought, “Why did I register for this. It’s so lame!” Then, the first time I sprayed it over my soon-to-be-baked vegetables and didn’t have a glop of wasted olive oil on the bottom of the pan, I thought, “This is the best invention, EVER!”

We ended up with quite a few gift cards and I can’t wait to trade them in for a Roomba. My life will be so much better when it comes in!

— submitted by nelliemade

A few years back, I inherited my great-grandmother’s china. I was happy to take it because the pattern is gorgeous and timeless. However, it was incomplete. In her older years, my great-grandma developed arthritis and dropped/broke several of the luncheon and dinner plates. We’re not sure if it ever had more pieces, like tea cups/saucers or bread and salad plates, or if they all broke or got separated.

When my fiancé and I got engaged, we decided to make the set our wedding china. We added all the missing pieces to our registry via A few guests were initially confused as to why we had requested some items in unusual and varying quantities, like two luncheon plates and five dinner plates, but my mom explained that we were filling out a very old existing set, and they were happy to contribute. One friend even got us the (very rare) large platter.

— submitted by macbride

My servingware because it’s something I love having, but probably would never have bought for myself.

— submitted by mrslavogue92217

My super awesome KitchenAid toaster oven. It’s a lovely shade of blue!

—submitted by VictorianChick

The things I was most excited about on my registry were Le Creuset cookware and formal china. Everything on my registry was nice to get, but a lot of stuff on there I would have eventually bought for myself if I didn’t receive it. The Le Creuset and the china were things I would never really have bought for myself, but I’ve always wanted. They’re beautiful, functional, and special. Maybe I’m especially fond of the Le Creuset because my mother and grandmother both had it, and my mom got her set as a wedding gift; I suspect my grandmother did, too. I’m looking forward to cooking a lifetime of meals in the Le Creuset and serving a lifetime of formal meals with the china.

— submitted by browneyedgirl24

I can already tell you that it’s going to be the Roomba, and we haven’t opened it/had our wedding yet! #AustralianShepherd.

— submitted by girlandherpearl

Instant Pot, Corelle plates and bowls, and the Pizazz Rotating Oven. (We make homemade pizza and this is so slick!)

— submitted by NicoleLyn1218

What is your favorite gift from your wedding registry? Share in the comments below!

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