The Biggest Wedding Registry Regrets

Open shelving in a kitchen storing items off a wedding registry including bowls and cups.

Planning a wedding registry is one of the easiest items to check off on a wedding to-do list. Not only is it way more fun than talking to the caterer or signing a contract for the venue, but it makes your married life seem more real. These are the things you’re going to be using in your everyday life together—but it’s easy to get carried away by all of the bright shiny appliances and cooking gadgets.

Zola, the one-stop-shop for wedding planning and wedding registries, has some tips to create a well-balanced registry. They suggest thinking about items in three terms: what you need now, what you’ll need in five years, and what you’ll need in 15 years. Here are some of the biggest wedding registry regrets and advice on how to plan a successful registry with the assistance of Zola.

Forgetting to Upgrade the Kitchen Items You Already Have

A set of copper pots and pans that a couple received off their wedding registry as an upgrade to what they already had.

Many couples already have a lot of the kitchen items they need—especially if they’ve been living together or on their own for the last several years. But one thing couples often forget to do with their wedding registry is upgrade what they already have. Your registry is the perfect time to go for that nice mixer or register for the high quality pots and pans that will last you a lifetime.

Not Thinking Outside the Box

Two suitcases a newlywed couple received off their wedding registry that are filled with items for travel.

When you think of a wedding registry, your initial reaction is probably gravy boats, sheet sets, and cutlery—but a wedding registry can be so much more than that! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get something that you really want (and will actually use) like outdoor equipment, a grill, a nice luggage set, or anything else you can think of that would be useful in your married life. For instance, on Zola you can register for tents, pool floats, and even pet beds in addition to the traditional registry must-haves.

Forgetting to Register for Cash

Not only is it no longer considered taboo to register for cash, but it’s also encouraged by friends and family, who want to make sure they’re getting you a gift that you really want.

If you don’t want a pile of gift cards, Zola allows you to completely customize your cash funds so guests feel like they’re giving you a monetary gift toward funds for your honeymoon, home renovation, or even your favorite charity or cause—a popular trend in 2018 that isn’t slowing down in 2019.

Being Afraid to Register for Big Ticket Items

A robtot vacuum on a carpeted floor that a couple received off of their wedding registry.

A wedding registry can make brides and grooms feel a little uneasy—after all, you’re asking your friends and family to buy you things. But the truth is that your loved ones want to shower you with gifts, so don’t be afraid to ask for a few items that may be on the pricier side like furniture, a robot vacuum cleaner, or that KitchenAid mixer you’ve had your eye on.

Zola Makes Wedding Registration Easier than Ever

A laptop on a desk open up to a wedding website that's hosted on

Gone are the days of heading into the department store, grabbing the price gun, and hunting down salespeople to ask questions on your items. Not only does Zola make it easy to register for anything online, but they also offer hundreds of free wedding website designs, beautiful save-the-dates and invitations, a guest list manager, and so much more.

On Zola, you can register for everything you need for your newlywed home—from traditional gifts like cookware and bedding to gift cards for hotels, airlines, and even fitness classes. The options are nearly limitless: they sell over 50,000 gifts from over 500 brands including Le Creuset, KitchenAid, Sonos, and even Airbnb and Delta.

Plus, Zola offers free shipping on almost everything and has the option for controlled shipping, which allows you to choose when gifts are sent to you to avoid stressful box overload. This is also super helpful if you’re planning a honeymoon or moving houses right after the wedding. With Zola’s controlled shipping, you can wait to ship everything until you’re ready to receive it.

In addition, Zola offers free returns plus virtual exchanges and even has a 20% post wedding discount for six months after your wedding, so you can really get all the gifts you want.

Want to learn more? Head to to set up your registry and learn more about what Zola offers to make your wedding planning seem like a breeze!

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