Top 10 Wedding Registry Tips

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There is certainly an art to building the perfect wedding registry. There are many brides who come out of their wedding days wishing they had selected different items or shopped at different stores. Honor the sacrifice of those who have come before you and learn from their mistakes.

With the right know-how, you can build the perfect list. Just follow these 10 tips:

1. Include a Lot of Items on Your List

Seriously. If you don’t put enough on the list, people won’t have an idea of what you’re really wanting. I know it feels a little off from the beaten politeness path to list a bunch of stuff you’re expecting people to purchase for you, especially expensive items, but remember that you’re not being selfish, you’re being helpful. If you don’t include many items on the list, you run the risk of doubled items that you’ll have to deal with and send back later. You also run the risk of getting a bunch of stuff that you don’t need from guests who go rogue due to lack of options. This isn’t good for anyone. You want useful gifts, and your guests want to get you quality gifts that you will actually use. Cut out the guesswork and build a decently-sized list.

2. Cultivate a Good Mix of Items

Find a way to create variety on your list. The more diverse your options, the better your guests will feel. This tip is directly applicable to the price of items, as well. Some people feel uncomfortable adding pricey items to the registry. Don’t feel weird about adding them. Or feel weird, but do it anyway. Believe it or not, you and your partner are loved, and there will be people who want to spend some real cash on you. Let them! Your registry is such a widely-used tool. It’s not just used by the average guest, but by people like you and your spouse’s parents. The key players will want to go a little bigger with their gift purchases. Help them out by including those big-ticket items.

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3. Be Appropriate with Your Registry List

When it comes to registries, there’s an unspoken etiquette that you may want to follow. You may find yourself adding lots of items to your list, and that’s great. Sometimes, though, it’s good to think a bit about what you’re adding. Ask yourself the question before you add the item: is this appropriate to ask for? If the answer isn’t immediately “yes,” you may want to consider leaving the item out. You can always buy these vetoed items for yourself later.

4. Start Your Registry List Early

The earlier you can start building your list, the better. By publishing your list six months or more before the wedding, you give guests a bit more leeway. Some people like to plan their purchases in advance. They take their time and wait for sales and coupons before making their final choice. When you procrastinate on your registry, you take this option away. Be a kind receiver by giving your guests as much time as they need to buy your presents.

5. Keep Accessibility in Mind

What’s an accessible list and why does it matter? Here’s the thing: it’s likely your guests don’t all come from the same area. Stores differ from state to state. Keep this in mind and try to plan for it. If you only register at one store, and that store isn’t in every guest’s reachable area, you’ve just made things really difficult. Again, try to mitigate any obstacles your guests might have in getting your gift. Make gifting you easy.

6. Give Your Guests Multiple Options

The easiest way to ensure everyone can access your registry is to give multiple options. This also allows those bargain hunters to better do their thing as well. Pick a couple different stores to register with. Maybe even consider choosing an online store as one of your options. This way, you know everyone can shop there. Also, some people just prefer to shop online. By picking a brick-and-mortar business and also an online one, you will open up more shopping possibilities.

7. Be a Store Snob

I know it can be tough to choose the perfect store. You want to find one that’s accessible to everyone and caters to all your needs. In the end, you really need to pick a store you like. If you pick a store simply because you think it’s the most popular for registries, you may struggle to find items you enjoy. Don’t you want your registry experience to be fun? If you choose the store you love, you’re sure to fill up that list in no time with items that are simply you.

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8. List Items by Room

Most stores have their items laid out this way as well. By listing things by room, you really help your guests out. First of all, they won’t have to go all over the store trying to find your items. Secondly, they’ll be better able to build you a cohesive gift. This tip is also for your sanity. Listing things by room helps you to edit and go over your list in a way that makes sense.

9. Be a Type A Personality

Some people like to fly by the seat of their pants. This tip recommends you curb your desire to do this and be a bit more Type A about your registry. If you go into the registry with no idea of what you really need, you may end up choosing a bunch of random junk! Try to make out a list before you make the official registry. Even though it feels like a chore, this saves you a big hassle in the end.

10. Curate with Your Needs in Mind

What do you need? Do you really need a set of fine china you’ll never use? Or would you be better served by an everyday set? The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re building your list is actual need. In other words, yes, those throw pillows with sloths on them are adorable, but don’t you really need a blender more? I know it’s tough to let the “sloth pillow” dream die, but try to stick to the crucial items.

Making your registry doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, a lot of people find the experience exhilarating. It’s kind of like your own personal shopping spree. Likely you’ll get most of the things you want, so choose wisely. If you’ve followed these tips, you should have no problems making your perfect registry.

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