Top 6 Super-Practical Items Your Registry Shouldn’t Be Without

Wedding gifts in different colored boxes

Creating a registry for your wedding is often depicted in movies as being a glamorous and fun pre-wedding task. In many stores, you now get a little price scanner, which can make it feel a bit like a shopping spree where you can add everything that looks fun and beautiful. While this can be one of the exciting highlights of the planning process, it is also practical to then review your registry choices online and make sure that the practical options are all there.

With more marriages starting after both partners have set up a home together, the most important thing to consider is whether one (or both) of you already owns this item. It makes no sense to register for a slow cooker when you each already have a functional one. Definitely make sure that you both consider what you already have, so that the majority of the items you receive will be perfect for your new united home. In addition, consider this list of highly practical options to include on your list.

High-Quality, Matching Bath Towel Sets

Towels that pill or yellow with age make it hard to want to host people. Even if you don’t care about hosting anyone, grabbing a towel after a shower should be a positive, comforting experience. Choose a set of colors that works with your home but also would look fine in any bathroom, and splurge on a high level of plush and strength so that you can use the same set for a long time. Whatever towels you and your spouse already own can be either the everyday towels, or they can be demoted to beach or pool towels.

A stack of colorful bath towels

A Nice Blender or Food Processor

Most people have some method for pureeing, making smoothies, or chopping food, but this is a great time to get something that does the job more efficiently. Consider whether you want something that does a better job quickly chopping solids or creating smooth liquids. Check reviews to pick one that holds up over time. Even if you already have a few appliances between you that might do the job, pick something that will work for as many needs as possible.

Glass or Stoneware Baking Dishes with Lids

Depending on your level of cooking skills, you may want to aim for a really strong stoneware dish that works both as a baking vessel and as a serving dish (think La Creuset, but there are plenty of other high-quality brands). If the price tag would make your guests balk, even a nice set of Pyrex will look fine at potlucks. The most important thing is that they come with lids. Now is the time to make sure that your mishmash of cookware is outfitted with a few travel-ready pieces. Filing in some practical, portable, and durable dishes is a wonderful way to save yourself miles of plastic wrap and the annoyance of food spills in the car.

High-Thread-Count Sheet Sets

Here is another place to step up the luxury: your sheets. Thread count keeps sheets strong and soft, but the higher the thread count, the higher the price. A rule to follow for registering is to choose well-reviewed brands and pick a thread count a little higher than what you have now. You can definitely keep using your current sheets after the wedding, but you’ll want to have a long-lasting set waiting in the wings. A fun bonus: many sets of high-thread-count sheets get softer and smoother after each washing, making them actually gain comfort as you use them.

A Nice Cordless Drill or Other Home-Repair Tools

Even if neither of you are very handy, your home will need a few small helpful items to accomplish home maintenance tasks. If one of you is already equipped with good tools, survey where the “holes” are in your set and ask for whatever will round out your needs to care for your home. While most registries aren’t full of home repair tools, one or two are great and will help those uncles and aunts who want to get you something to help you put your furniture together.

An assortment of electric tools

Sharp Knives with Extensive Warranties

Another item for the kitchen, even for people who mostly eat takeout, is a solid knife set. Finding a high-quality knife can be a lifelong investment. Some of the high-end companies offer either lifetime or forever guarantees, meaning that you can always return any blade that isn’t working and get another. Dull knives are dangerous and frustrating because they can slip and simply don’t complete jobs. You’ll be more likely to invest in chopping vegetables and meat if it isn’t torture to do so. Even if the prices are high, allowing a single-knife purchase rather than a whole set can help your family invest in your long-term needs without breaking the bank themselves.

Remember, you can have many other beautiful, functional, or just fun items on your registry (unless fewer than six people are planning to get you gifts). Investing in high-quality practical items for these six areas will yield tons of dividends in comfort, and you won’t have to go out and get another low-quality version of them as you go through your years of married life.

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