3 Unconventional Wedding Registry Ideas in Lieu of Traditional Gifts

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A wedding registry is a traditional component of tying the knot. It is right up there with cake tasting, bachelorette parties, and photo shoots. However, a wedding registry isn’t for everyone. Sure, it is nice to receive the exact items on your wish list. But if you’re trying to live a clutter-free lifestyle, a registry might seem like the last thing you need. This is especially true if you and your future spouse have already accumulated the basics.

Thankfully, it is not imperative to create a wedding registry full of towels and teacups. You can certainly request alternative wedding gifts through a non-traditional registry. Not sure where to start? Consider these three unconventional wedding registry ideas.

1. Honeymoon Fund

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It goes without saying that saving up for a honeymoon is quite the process. And when you’re planning a full wedding celebration, paying for a honeymoon on top of that might seem a bit daunting. The bills and receipts can quickly stack up. Fortunately, there is a way to help fund your romantic getaway. It’s all about changing the type of registry you create.

Instead, opt for a honeymoon fund. This type of registry is aimed specifically for typical honeymoon expenses. Much like a traditional registry, guests can visit a website page and contribute money. However, instead of gifting you with another set of stainless steel pots, they can send you funds to make your dream honeymoon a reality.

Think of it this way: your honeymoon might be just as important as your wedding. It is the period after a wedding that you and your new partner can intimately celebrate. It also gives you a chance to unwind after the stress of hosting a wedding. Plus, who doesn’t love a good getaway with someone they love?

There are a number of brilliant platforms offer registries specifically designed for funding a honeymoon. Alternatively, you can simply opt out of creating any type of registry. If so, you will likely receive a mix of money and gifts. You can then take the gifted funds and put them toward your honeymoon savings.

Remember, you do not necessarily have to embark on your honeymoon the day after your wedding. Some couples decide to postpone their honeymoon due to scheduling or financial reasons. If you decide to wait to take your honeymoon, be sure to take the money you are gifted and set it aside in a separate bank account. This will ensure that you do not touch the money until it is time to officially plan your romantic getaway.

2. Charity Donations

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If you love to give back to your community, consider asking for charity donations in place of wedding gifts. This is an excellent way to support an organization that you care about. Likewise, the organization can be a company that you have worked with. It might even support a cause that has personally impacted you, your future spouse, or a loved one.

By getting your guests involved, you are sharing a piece of your life (and heart) with them. Additionally, it will feel great to know that you are using your celebration as a platform for making a difference. It proves that all it takes is imagination and creativity.

If you do not have a specific charity in mind, take some time to do some research. Remember, Google is your friend. It is important to carefully select a charity that you truly support. In a way, this charity will represent the beliefs of you and your spouse.

Think of your mutual interests. For example, if you and your honey are animal lovers, choose a local animal shelter or rescue foundation. If both of you love art, find an organization that provides creative therapy services for hospital patients. Once you agree on a charity organization, those donations will be that much more meaningful.

To ask your guests for donations, indicate a “no gift” policy on the invitation or wedding website. State that, in place of gifts, guests can send donations to a specific charity. Provide the name and address of the organization. Include the name that the checks should be addressed to. If donations are accepted online, include the URL for the specific page. By making it easy for your guests, they will be more likely to pay it forward and donate to the charity of your choice.

3. Future Home Fund

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Like a honeymoon, planning a future home is a common task of post-marriage life. Some couples begin planning their future home before the wedding day even comes around. After all, a home is a meaningful, important part of a long-term relationship. This presents another opportunity for another non-traditional registry idea.

Set up a home registry fund on one of many websites. These platforms give you the tools needed to create a wedding registry specifically targeted toward building or buying a new home as a newly married couple. Any of your loved ones who add funds to the wedding registry will feel great knowing that they are playing a significant role in creating your new life together. It also beats collecting more knick-knacks for a home that you don’t have yet. Instead, this option will help you solidify the foundation of your future with each other.

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