We Created a Wedding Wishlist with Wayfair

Wayfair registry profile

Google “online wedding registry” and you will end up slogging through page after page of offers from every major retailer brand you can imagine. With so many options, the pressure to offer something better is on.

A relative newcomer to the game, Wayfair only launched their registry section back in 2016. However, less than a year later, they have already established themselves as a fierce competitor to brands like Zola and Blueprint. We decided to test drive Wayfair’s registry for ourselves to see just how they’ve managed to do it.

In the Beginning

From the outset, it was obvious that one of Wayfair’s strengths was its clean and user-friendly design. The link to the registry section on the site’s main page was a cinch to find, and when we were directed to the registry landing page itself, we were immediately prompted with three boxes titled “create,” “manage,” and “find”—the trifecta of basic access. This made it not only easy for us to start out as a married couple, but also as a guest. Wedding planning itself is enough of a hassle, so it was good to see that a registry doesn’t have to be.

wayfair landing page

The registry profiles themselves are streamlined yet still filled with charming customizable features. Add your own profile picture and banner, name your registry, or even create your own personal hashtag—it’s all right there and easy for you to use and everyone else to see. The only catch? You do have to manually make your registry public for your guests when you’re done, so don’t forget!

Getting What You Want

Once your profile is set, all you have to do is scroll down to start browsing for what you want. Although Wayfair has not followed other brands by adding honeymoon and cash options to their site, their registry does not suffer for it. The product offerings are extensive, curated into collections based on room, style, hobby, personality, and just about anything else you can imagine. Are you a morning person? There’s a collection for you. A baker? You don’t have to sort through a generic kitchen section to find what you want. And you’ll never have to worry about figuring out what “rustic” really means—Wayfair’s style collections feature similar dinnerware settings as examples for each so you can directly compare the style profiles with one another.

wayfair style collections

We’re no strangers to online shopping at Weddingbee, and yet, browsing through Wayfair’s offerings was still one of the smoothest experiences we’ve had. Clicking a collection brings you to a normal shop-type page, laying out all the items for you in that collection. Some general collections, such as “grill tools and cookware” will oddly take you out of the registry part of the site and into the general Wayfair listings, but don’t worry, you can still add items to your registry from here and it’s easy to get back.

Our favorite feature, and one your guests will also probably like you to consider closely, is the “similar items” section that pops up each time you click an item in the registry listings for more details. Ten related items will appear with both ratings and prices displayed underneath. So, while you might really want that $80 paper towel holder, Wayfair allows you to take a second to consider a similar, cheaper option because it is what your guests are much more likely to buy.

wayfair item listing

Modifying Your Registry

Now that you have requested everything but the kitchen sink (only because Wayfair doesn’t sell those), you can communicate with your guests without calling, texting, or e-mailing over every item! Couples have ability to mark each product as “most wanted,” “fulfilled,” or as a “group gift” so everyone knows how best to navigate your seemingly endless list of items. They can even search using these options, showing only most wanted items, for example, so they don’t buy you that Dutch Oven you were randomly curious about and might never really use.

wayfair item tags

You can also change quantities and colors and delete from here with ease, so never fear. Nothing you’ve already picked is set in stone.

Guest Use

Couples aren’t the only ones that will have an easy time with Wayfair’s registry. The same clean, straightforward user interface makes it really simple to browse, buy, and ship gifts (for free in most cases). When the registry is made public, an address is added, with the bonus option of writing in another address if you will be moving to a new home shortly after the wedding. This address will be available to all buyers for a shipping destination, so there’s no need to make sure everyone has your current one on hand.

wayfair address page

While the guests’ view shows most of the information they will need, we were disappointed to see that the product specs were not included. These details may not be particularly important to many wedding guests, but it means the couple will need to do a little extra to make sure every item is exactly what they want. No one will know if that couch is too big to fit in your home except you! Fortunately, this information is readily available for the couple in the item listing, so you don’t have to look far.

Help Me!

Above all else, Wayfair does its best as a site to provide the easiest experience possible for people getting ready to walk down the aisle. We’ve talked a lot about their simple, smooth interface, but they aren’t going to leave you up the river without a paddle if you’re stuck on what to get. The contact information for their registry specialists is displayed openly in several places throughout the site, and they even provide resources like editorial content and a curated registry checklist to help you find exactly what to ask for so you won’t regret it later.

wayfair editorial

Sadly, our registry is not real, we are not #thebestcoupleever, and we will not be getting all these amazing gifts, but the experience left us with a good impression. It’s no surprise why the site has, in such a short time, come to be known as one of the places to go for a wedding registry. Their product selection is great, it’s super easy to create exactly the registry you want, and your guests will thank you for how easy it is to use from the other side. It’s true that Wayfair doesn’t have everything you might be looking for if you’re really into the idea of a free honeymoon, but what it does have is definitely worth checking out.

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