Wedding Registry Upgrades for the Bedroom

A bed decorated with throw pillows next to an alarm clock and cactus.

When it comes to wedding registry items, the world is your oyster. Some couples have been eyeing a plethora of new gadgets, décor, and practical gifts for longer than they’ve been engaged, while others draw a blank the moment they walk into a department store. With all manner of wedding gifts available to us, it can be difficult to narrow our views and select objects we most want. For each room of the house, you’re likely to have some idea of upgraded designs. Below, you can find a guide to selecting registry gifts specifically for your bedroom (minus any “intimacy-boosting” options…those will be solely your responsibility to purchase!).

Sheets, Pillow Cases, and Comforter Sets

A person laying in bed holding up a coffee cup.

Many registry retailers offer coordinating bed sets that you can either denote as one cohesive item on the registry, or separate to make available for multiple guests to purchase. Be sure you only have coordinating colors for each aspect of your bed set. Note: it’s a good idea to register for multiple sheets as back-ups!

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Beyond the bedding essentials, you can add some personality (and pops of color) to your bedroom with fun, elegant, or unique throw pillows. Add some coordinating blankets to rest at the edge of your bed, on an ottoman or chair, or stored away for colder nights.

Heating or Cooling Items

For those of us who don’t have central air conditioning or heating in our homes, a wedding registry is a great way to acquire some alternative options. From small tabletop fans to a large heating unit to warm your feet, there’s a variety of high- and low-tech options at many retail stores where you’ll likely be registering.

Rugs and Mats

 A fluffy rug in a bedroom.

For artsy brides and grooms, intricately designed rugs and tapestries are gaining popularity in bedrooms everywhere. Whether they’re to hang on the wall as decor or lay on the floor, adding a unique splash of art or color will brighten up your room and elevate your décor. In fact, a mat or rug can truly deliver a definitive motif (bohemian, rustic, mod, classic, romantic, etc.) to your bedroom.


Why stop with rugs? Shop for gorgeous pieces that reflect your personalities! If you’re really looking for off-beat dècor, add a unique, art-focused registry to your list on top of your more traditional stores. Most of your guests will likely go for run-of-the-mill items, but there’s always a great aunt who wants to give something “special.” This way, she can stay within your home’s design and still feel as if she’s giving you a unique wedding gift.


With new items comes the necessity of displaying them. Maybe a small bookshelf or night-stand would be appropriate additions to your gift registry. If you don’t have room, why not consider floating shelves you can drill into your wall?


A brass lamp on a bedside table next to a tufted headboard.

Chances are you already have overheard lights or lamps, but with the inclusion of a new bed set, consider adding some new light features in your registry. Note that not all light fixtures must serve a purpose: some look great as simple décor or mood lighting!


For those couples who want to create the smartest home possible, there’s an increasing number of gadgets with which to bedeck your bedroom, including everything from smart light bulbs to voice-activated blinds. You can connect most all of these items to an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or a similar hub to create your own little army of robots (in the least scary way possible!).

Vintage Trinkets

Even if your home exudes a more modern feel, your bedroom can always use a vintage or antique touch to mix it up! Our collective nostalgia has made old-world items more readily available in stores everywhere. Think: rotary phones, old alarm clocks, small china cabinets, and beyond. Throw an off-the-cuff registry item into the mix for your marital home!

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