What to Give Your Best Friend When She Gets Engaged

A woman and her friend looking at an engagement ring on her hand.

It can be a joyous occasion when your best bud gets engaged—but what should you get her to commemorate the announcement? Here are few ideas to think about before you head to the shops. First, you’ll want to consider what your budget is, and what kind of gift you want to get her.

Subscription Box

A recurring gift can be a great way to show someone you love them every single month. I try to give these types of gifts to people I don’t see often, so that we stay connected as they start their new lives. I bought a wine subscription for one friend, and now every month she sends me a picture and a message of her and her new wife sharing the monthly bottle in Central Park or on a warm summer evening on their rooftop. But you don’t have to stick with wine! There are tons of subscription boxes out there, from handmade gelato or baking items to spa services. Pick something that suits your friend.

Elegant Robe

I always thought a kimono would be the perfect gift for a new bride. They’re casually sexy, elegant, and pretty functional when it comes to throwing something on as she stumbles into the kitchen for her cup of coffee. It will be an upgrade from her old terry cloth robe that her fiance will appreciate.

Event Tickets or an Activity Pass

A class of women doing yoga.

Tickets to the symphony, Broadway show, or museum exhibits can be wonderful, experience-oriented gifts, and they show you’ve really put the effort into finding something she likes. Groupon can be a great resource for these. You could also spring for something like a cooking class, an intro to brewing your own beer, a foraging workshop, or a meditation retreat. Whenever someone gives me tickets to something I know I’m going to enjoy or something I’ve been meaning to do but never quite got around to, I feel like they really get me, you know? Just make sure that if the tickets correspond to a certain date, your friend is able to go, or better yet, buy tickets that are a bit flexible. Passes for yoga classes can also be super fun.

Updated Technology

There are so many awesome tech-related gifts out there. If your bestie loves to clean, she would appreciate an upgraded vacuum. Sound systems are other good options, like a turntable or Bluetooth speaker for her apartment. It will be something that both her and her husband or wife will enjoy for years to come.

A Double-Hammock

If your friend loves camping or spending time outdoors, Hennessy hammock tents are simply the best. Get her a double-hammock so she can cuddle up with her new fiancé. A hammock can make a great gift, and they’re really easy to throw up. Most come complete with a bug net and rain tarp, although if rain isn’t in the forecast, forgo the tarp so you can see the stars.


A young woman with plants on her patio.

With summer ending and fall coming, my mind goes to the winter and how a few plants would make my place seem like a tropical oasis. Plants are a great gift for friends, as long as you know your buddy will enjoy taking care of them. Small potted trees that the couple can eventually stick in their yard make a great gift. Cacti can be beautiful and are low-maintenance, since they only need watering once a month. Hand-paint the pot for a personalized touch, or get creative with unusual containers like wine glasses, special mugs, or ceramic bowls. Just make sure you’re using Perlite so things stay aerated, and try to add some stones to the bottom so that there won’t be standing water.

or…DIY a Gift!

When you’re making your own gifts, the options are endless. Putting together bath scrubs is easy with sugar, raw honey, and some drops of vitamin E and lavender oil. If you like painting or drawing, create a portrait of the happy couple. Check out Pinterest for more fun DIY ideas. Just remember that sometimes these projects end up costing more than a gift would, so they’re not always money-savers (and they take some extra time).

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