When to Set up Your Wedding Registry

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Timing is everything. This saying is especially true when it comes to wedding planning. While there are lots of calendars out there that tell you when to book the venue and florist, not many talk about the registry. How important is the timing of your registry? Should you get your wedding registry done at a specific time within the planning process?

It can be confusing, but don’t worry. We’ve looked at all the facts and left no registry stone unturned.

Why Is the Timing Important?

Think of this scenario: have you ever met up with an old friend and you knew you wanted to ask him or her a bunch of questions about certain things? Then you actually meet up and the hangout goes great, but afterward you realize you forgot to ask about your friend’s new dog, sick mother, etc. Well, this kind of thing can happen easily with a registry. If you start too early and don’t have a plan in place to make sure you’re selecting what you really want, you’re going to end up forgetting things you really need.

Speaking of Things You Need…

Figuring out what you need in your house is half the battle, and this affects the timing entirely. Are you in the process of buying or renovating a house for you and your partner? Well, you’re going to want to figure out what colors your kitchen will be before picking out towels and plates. Sometimes it’s one of those situations when you can’t start your registry until your living situation is squared away. I would suggest starting your wedding registry after you are in the house you’re going to live in with your partner and have a clear inventory of all the things you have and the things you need.

When Do You Have the Time?

I know wedding planning is nuts sometimes. I’ve seen it at its most hair-pulling and stressful. That’s why little things like timing the registry are important. You want to figure out when you’ll have time to properly plan what you need and actually go to the store to mark out your wedding registry.

Once you figure out when you have time, then you’ll want to figure when your partner also has time. A registry is something you’ll definitely want to work on together. You will both feel so much better if the gifts people give you on your big day are things you picked out together and both wanted. With that in mind, it can be difficult to find a time both of you are free in between work and looking at venues and all the minutia. I urge you though, don’t rush this. Try to find a happy medium. Find a time that works for you and your partner down the road that leaves you enough space to really put together a list of what you need. Perhaps have an ongoing list with your partner for you both to jot down what is needed in the moment. This will greatly help with getting the registry done on time.

So, When the Heck Do You Do it?

Here’s my answer: get your registry together at least three months before the wedding. That’s a pretty simplified answer, so take into consideration everything mentioned above, but try not to wait until fewer than three months before because those months should be reserved for more important details on your wedding planning to-do list. The last three months will probably be crazy, so you want to leave yourself time to have fun with your registry.

It’s best not to do it when you’re super stressed and don’t even care anymore what people get you. Plus, more importantly, sometimes guests like to peek ahead of time at your registry. They check out what you’ve got and make a plan of what to get. This is especially true for the expensive items. You want to give people enough time to save up. In other words, no one likes to be rushed on this. If you give people at least three months to check out the registry, you’ll be golden in that area.

The last and possibly most important point to think about is the invitations. Typically your wedding registry information goes out with the invites, so you your registry has to be done by the time your invitations are. If you wait until after your invitations are already out, you’re going to have a tough time trying to disseminate the information to everyone.

So, start to think about your registry at around five months, with a goal to have your registry list finalized three months before the wedding. Plan a time within that period to go create the registry and get it ready to be sent out with the invites by three months before your big day. Take your time and enjoy a fun part of planning within all the madness. Keep to your schedule, and all will work itself out in due time.

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