3 Surprising Resources for Finding the Perfect Engagement and Wedding Rings

Holding hands engaged

Don’t have a “Ring Goals” Pinterest board? Always fast-forward through jewelry commercials? Does the idea of walking into a jewelry store to talk to salesperson make you sick to your stomach? Well, these aren’t the only avenues you can use to find the perfect sparkler. Some of the best resources for finding the perfect ring are part of your daily life, whether or not you even realize it.

1. Social Media

You see the posts, but do you see the ring? Instead of scrolling quickly by the next engagement photo that pops up on your timeline, take a minute to see what you like and dislike about it, and let your partner know. Doing this will bring you closer to knowing what you want and creates an open dialogue so you don’t have to feel like you are ruining the surprise. Search popular hashtags like, #ido, #shesaidyes, #engaged, and #mrandmrs on Instagram for a plethora of posts showing other people’s rings, and see what inspires you.

Engagement selfie

Also, you follow your favorite brands, so why not jewelry designers so your timeline can sparkle? Hit follow on @harrywinston, @cartier, @tiffanyandco, @helzbergdiamonds or whatever designer’s profile always seems to catch your eye. Since you already stalk all your favorite celebrities—I mean “follow”—take note of their engagement ring and wedding band. Yes, they may be a little over budget, or way over budget, but you can emulate certain aspects of the ring that you are completely in love with. You might also be able to find a lower cost knock-off if you look hard enough.

2. Close Family and Friends

Engagement friends

What does your sister’s ring look like? Your mom’s? Your aunt’s? Your best friend’s? Take time to look at all the rings surrounding you in your daily life. You may have similar tastes to one of them, and you can even ask to try theirs on to figure out exactly how a certain style looks on your hand without a judgmental salesperson watching your every move.

Another idea is to ask everyone around the table at your next family gathering if there are any special rings in the family, or if there is one that has been saved for you. This makes a ring even more special, and is also extremely cost-effective! You might also ask some of your older relatives to see photo albums to find photos of rings the ladies in your family have worn. There have always been so many pictures taken at wedding ceremonies, so be sure to ask for an album from a wedding.

3. Wedding Trade Shows

Engagement rings

Wish you could be in a room with hundreds of other brides potentially winning free stuff, trying wedding food, and seeing all kinds of engagement rings? Then you may want to get some tickets to a local bridal expo. If you want to see rings, this is the place! And what’s better than making friends with soon-to-be-brides just like you? Nothing. Except the perfect ring. This is the place to discuss favorite jewelers, hear proposal stories, and take pictures of rings you like in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than a jewelry store. (They will be so flattered when ask to snap a picture!) Eat all the cake, see all the rings, and make all the girlfriends!

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