5 Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Ideas

unique engagement rings

We’ve all seen that one Instagram photo: the one with a halo diamond engagement ring that has the caption, “I said yes!” Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Instagram post—it’s just that we’ve seen it many times over. If you’re not into a traditional Tiffany setting or the halo setting (the Tiffany’s modern equivalent), there are still plenty of engagement ring options for you to choose from. Many brides and grooms in the modern era are ditching traditions to make their weddings—and all of the accessories that come with it—truly their own. Here are a few ideas for finding that perfect non-traditional engagement ring that fits your personal style.

1. Go for Another Stone

alternative engagement ring

Natalie Marie Precious Pear Trio Ring, Morganite

The easiest way to set your engagement ring apart from the rest is to ditch the diamond. Whether you’re not a fan of the diamond industry because of conflict diamonds or you just don’t like the look of them, going with another stone is certainly a more colorful and non-traditional approach to the engagement ring. Go with your birthstone gem or a stone in a color that you often wear.

A pearl ring might be a good compromise if you want a traditional style without the cookie cutter look of a diamond. If you still want a diamond but don’t want the same old look, diamonds are increasingly available in other colors like gray, black, or even aquamarine.

2. Choose a Non-Traditional Setting

salt stone love type engagement ring setting

Salt + Stone Love Type

Jewelers are starting to catch on that not every engaged person has a one-size-fits-all kind of style. Luckily this knowledge means that there are far more options for you to get an engagement ring look that you really love. Though the popular pronged setting is perfectly lovely, there are definitely way more settings to choose from that may suit your taste a little more.

The bezel setting is a unique look where the stone is completely encased in a precious metal. This is not only a complete contrast to a typical pronged setting, but it’s also one of the safest ways to set your ring because it’s less likely that the stone will get damaged. (Bonus: the stone is also less likely to rip out your hair when you run your fingers through it!)

Another unique setting style is the bar setting, where the stone (or stones) sits between two thin metal bars. This setting is often used in bracelets, but isn’t seen as often in engagement rings. A bar setting allows the stone to catch a lot of light and gives the ring a really modern, sleek look.

3. Play Around With Unique Bands

Marquis Diamond Solitaire Ring

Kataoka Marquis Diamond Solitaire Ring

The classic wedding band is usually thin, round, and typically plays second fiddle to the large stone. However, there is a lot of room to make the band the star of the show in order to get a truly unique look for your engagement ring.

Try a square band, which is quite a jump from the traditional round band. Square bands create a funky, geometrically intriguing look for your engagement ring and are supposed to have a much more comfortable fit. You could also go with an engagement ring that has several small stones all over the band, often referred to as a forever ring.

4. Go Vintage

1920s Art Deco Engagement Ring

1920s Art Deco Engagement Ring

If you love old-fashioned things and most of your clothes and home décor comes from an antique store, you might want to consider shopping for a vintage engagement ring. Grab your partner, set a budget, and check out the jewelry section of your local antique store or conduct your search at a weekend flea market.

Many vintage-obsessed brides are on the lookout for art deco rings, which are solitaire gems that are framed with handcrafted geometric metal. Cluster rings and floral rings, popular in the 1960s and 1970s, will also likely set your ring apart from all the solitaire settings that you often see on modern brides. Buying vintage will not only help you stand out from everyone else, but you’ll also have a really great story to tell about your hunt for the perfect ring.

5. Try a More Minimalist Look

Danhov Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting In Rose Gold

Danhov Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting In Rose Gold

Mila Kunis recently gave an interview saying that she and husband Ashton Kutcher spent a grand total of $190 on their wedding rings that they purchased on Etsy. Mila’s wedding ring is thin and minimalist. If you hate the idea of a really ostentatious ring or you’re worried about the expense of a traditional engagement ring, consider just going with a simple band. They’re cheaper, they match with everything, and they aren’t are often easier to replace.

Go With What You Like

wedding ring tattoo

Image source: Spiritus Tatoo

Remember, when it comes to modern weddings, the new rule is no rules. Look for a ring that fits your personality, your budget, and one that makes you happy. No one even says you have to get an engagement ring — try a bracelet, necklace, or get a tattoo in lieu of a piece of jewelry. Whatever your style, make all of your wedding accessories fit you and not the other way around.

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