9 Romantic His and Hers Wedding Band Styles

A pair of textured gold wedding bands on a leafy twig.

The wedding band is a symbol of your commitment to your husband or wife and a testament to all the fun, beauty, and romance you two have shared. And if you ask me, your wedding bands should reflect the love you have for one another in a way that speaks to the both of you. Here are a few romantic wedding band ideas to inspire you.

1. For Long-Distance Lovers

Many couples know the struggle of living separately across long distances. Maybe you’re separated for work or school, or perhaps your sweetheart serves in the military and is stationed far away. Whatever the situation may be, you can incorporate that experience into your wedding bands. By inscribing the latitude and longitude coordinates of the places you lived during this necessary separation, you can commemorate that time in your relationship—and celebrate the way your love bridged the distance.

2. A Geeky Love

People bond over common interests all the time, and sometimes that bond blossoms into romance. If you and your sweetheart met at a Star Trek convention, why not incorporate your favorite show in your wedding bands? This can be a fun way to show off your personalities as well as your love for each other. So go ahead: engrave the Deathly Hallows on the inside, set colored “infinity” gemstones in the band, and show off your passions for your favorite fandom!

3. A Simple Word

A pair of wedding rings with words enscribed on the inside, sitting on a dictionary page with the word

During a relationship, certain words or phrases can take on significance, be they inside jokes with your partner or reminders of romantic moments. These words can add an extra layer of meaning to your wedding band. Inscribing each other’s names, a sweet word or phrase you say to each other, or even a silly joke between you two can make your rings extra personal and meaningful.

4. A Childlike Romance

Maybe you met your future spouse when you were kids. Or, maybe you met later in life, but you make each other feel young again. If your romance feels vibrant, exhilarating, and carefree, you may want a pair of rings reflecting that. Consider an engraving that mimics initials carved in trees, a ring with a playful design, or a fidget ring that you can play with.

5. Your Other Half

A pair of silver bands with a heart that comes together with both bands next to each other.

You may feel like your future spouse completes you, and that he or she is your “other half” (or maybe even your “better half”). Well, now you can let the world know through your wedding band! Many couples wear rings that feature half a design, like a heart; only when the two rings come together do they make a complete picture—just like you and your love.

6. Different, Yet the Same

Like science and Paula Abdul told us: opposites attract. So it’s no wonder that some couples may have very different taste when it comes to wedding bands. This idea, which has the bride’s floral style engraved on the inside of the groom’s plain band (and vice versa) is a super cute way to honor each other’s style while giving everyone what they want—the ultimate marital compromise!

7. The Soundtrack to Love

This is an original and beautiful idea for audiophile couples everywhere. Head to the nearest studio (even your computer with a microphone will work) and record yourself saying something: “I do,” “I love you,” or anything else that is significant to you and your future spouse. Then, take the image of those sound waves from your recording software and have them engraved on your ring! Not only will the ring be a symbol of your love, but it will also always be telling your partner sweet nothings.

8. A Unique Love

A pair of gold wedding bands with fingerprints on them.

They say that no two fingerprints are exactly alike. Well, no two romances are exactly alike, either! By imprinting your fingerprint on your spouse’s wedding band, you can show them how special and unique your relationship is. It’s also a beautiful way to depict the imprint you’ve left on each other’s lives by spending them together.

9. A Cultural Connection

For some couples, their wedding band isn’t just a symbol of their love for each other; it can be a symbol of the culture they share. Decorating your rings with cultural elements like Celtic knots, Chinese characters, an ankh (the ancient Egyptian symbol of life) or something else from your unique culture can be a lovely way to honor you, your spouse, and your families.

So when you start shopping for your wedding bands, don’t be afraid to look for something more than a simple band of gold or silver. Your wedding bands can be silly, sweet, extravagant—but above all, they should be romantic.

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