Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Engagement Rings

Custom ring set designed with diamonds and tanzanite gemstones

When you see your engagement ring, you want it to be beautiful, expressive, and a unique representative of your relationship. In some cases, this may mean that none of the rings already available in the jewelry cases of your local store will work for your needs. If you can’t find the right engagement ring, maybe you should consider whether a custom engagement ring would be right for you.

Advantages of Custom Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring featuring diamonds and a sapphire

You Can Use Your Inspiration to Design Something Unique

One enjoyable part of customizing an engagement ring is that you and your partner get to define the details of what you enjoy in other ring designs and share them with a custom jeweler. It can be helpful to start something like a Pinterest board for ring designs. Browsing through sites like Etsy is another great way to see a variety of unique styles while narrowing down what makes an engagement ring uniquely your style.

You Can Be Certain of the Quality

Even when an existing design totally charms you, it is possible for the ring to be made of low quality materials or a stone that isn’t durable. If you can find a jeweler who will work with you on the specific metals and stones involved in the ring, you can choose to customize an existing design, while ensuring that you have the most durable, valuable, and long-lasting materials possible. When designing a custom ring, you can ensure that top-quality materials are used by the jeweler. Nothing shimmers quite like precious stones, and you want that dazzle to last a lifetime of enjoyment.

You Feel Connected to the Ring Story

Many custom-made rings have special meaning for the couples that choose them. Maybe you enjoyed an experience of meeting with a jeweler while you were on vacation but you wanted something slightly different, or maybe the jeweler is a family friend. All of those aspects become part of your engagement ring story as a couple. When you see the ring, you can recall good memories and the unique circumstances that brought you and your spouse together, which is part of the creation story for the special ring you designed together.

Disadvantages of Custom Engagement Rings

Large diamond ring with a custom ring setting

Custom Rings Cost More

While money may be no object for some couples, custom rings can get pricey, especially if you are trying to combine a lot of intricate features. Certainly there is nothing wrong with spending quite a lot of money on an engagement ring, but some couples prefer to go with a less expensive ring. The ring may be chosen for its beauty as-is, and the money can be saved for the wedding itself, a house down payment, or paying off student loans. Either option makes sense, but it’s good to know ahead of time that custom rings can be a lot more costly.

Make Certain Your Fiancé Will Like It

Some stores may have a return policy on the rings they sell, but custom rings are generally not possible to return for a refund. This makes sense, since the unique design for you may not necessarily be the choice of another person who wants a ring at the price point you chose. It is more important than usual to ensure you know your fiancé’s taste before you order a custom ring. If you aren’t worried about the romance of it, you can both get involved in the ring design process. In fact, it is romantic to design a ring together. If you know that your fiancé expects a surprise ring, you may want to hedge your bets and choose a beautiful ring that has some form of return policy in case they’d prefer something else.

Custom designed engagement ring with a large diamond center stone

Larger Time Investment to Choose a Jewelry Designer

While not a huge downside, it definitely takes more time to find someone who can deliver the perfect custom engagement ring. Couples who are in a hurry to get engaged or to be married may want to opt for a premade ring at a jewelry store. One of the main benefits of the custom ring design process is the ability to work directly with the designer, and those meetings take time. Allow for quite a bit of time between deciding on initial ideas and delivery of the final ring if you decide to design a custom ring.

Regardless of whether you choose a custom ring, or a predesigned ring by a great jeweler, the process of ring selection is unique and exciting for every couple. The engagement ring you choose will be a glittering reminder of your wedded union for years to come.

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