Are QALO Rings a Good Alternative for Brides and Grooms?

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Are you and your spouse active people? Or do you have physically demanding jobs? If so, it may be worth considering switching to QALO rings instead of traditional wedding bands. While metal bands and diamond engagement rings are beautiful, they can pose problems for individuals who actively use their hands for work or play hard during their spare time. Until relatively recently, there were few alternatives for active couples. QALO, however, has taken the wedding ring market by storm. Their rings are made from medical-grade silicone and are function as symbols of love and commitment just as well as traditional metal ones.

More Comfortable Alternative

One of the major reasons that brides and grooms are switching from metal bands to silicone ones is comfort. Regardless of whether you’re active or not, silicone offers a softer and more pliable alternative that many people have come to prefer. Here’s an analogy: traditional bands and engagement rings are like an expensive pair of dress shoes or heels, whereas QALO rings are more like your favorite pair of sneakers or sandals. While it’s nice to dress up for special occasions, doing so everyday can be extremely uncomfortable. Seriously, sometimes you just want to dress down. That’s exactly what QALO rings are designed for.

Easy Customization

Many couples are looking for ways to personalize their commitment to one another by customizing their wedding bands. Luckily, QALO offers custom engraving services just like any traditional jewelry provider. You can request up to 12 characters worth of engraved messages, names, initials, or dates when placing your ring order. The process is easy and it adds very little time to the overall processing time.

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Safety First Mentality

More than comfort, however, is the concern of safety. Not only do QALO rings offer a comfortable alternative to metal bands, they are also safer for individuals with active lifestyles or professions. These rings are specifically designed for hard-working, active hands using medical-grade silicone. Whether you work in a factory with heavy machinery or enjoy obstacle course racing, QALO rings are a much safer option. This also makes them ideal for people in service or first responder fields. In fact, QALO offers specially designed and colored ring lines for firemen, police officers, and those in the military.

Endless Design Options

If you’re worried about limited QALO design options, you can stop right now. As a company, QALO currently offers a huge variety of ring lines and types. You can choose from over 30 different colors and styles and additional designs are added all the time. They even have sparkled rings for both men and women. There’s absolutely no reason your silicone ring has to be plainly styled. In fact, due to the lower price point, you could order multiple versions to suit a variety of fashion choices.

Affordability and Easy Replacement

Another key reason to consider opting for QALO rings instead of traditional weddings sets is affordability. Weddings rings can be extremely expensive, the average men’s band costing around $600 and the average women’s band and engagement set costing around $7,300. The price of a QALO ring, on the other hand, starts at only $19.99. That’s an enormous difference. And what’s more? Replacement is easy and inexpensive. It’s not uncommon for both men and women to lose their wedding rings at some point during their marriage. Replacing traditional bands and engagement rings can be hard, if not impossible, while ordering a replacement QALO ring takes minutes and won’t drastically impact your budget. If you and your spouse have already exchanged vows and invested in traditional rings, it may be worth purchasing QALO rings as a couple merely to keep your nicer ones safe from damage or loss.

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Top-Quality Customer Service

QALO was founded by two close friends, Ted and KC. Their initial goal was to create a wedding ring that would better suit their active lives. Together, they accomplished their mission and established an incredible business culture that is both professional and friendly. QALO isn’t merely a brand; it’s a community and every customer becomes part of it the moment he or she makes their first order. Everyone likes to feel valued. No one wants a bad experience when purchasing items online or otherwise. QALO knows this and works exceptionally hard to make customer service their top priority. With over 5,000 five-star reviews, their dedication to their customers is definitely paying off!

QALO Gives Back

In addition to a focus on customer service, QALO is also dedicated to giving back to the community. They have a number of philanthropic partners including, but not limited to, Barbells for Boobs, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, and Alliance for Lupus Researching. When you order one of their special or limited edition rings, a portion of your purchase goes directly to supporting the relevant organization.

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