Customizing Your Wedding Ring

Wedding rings with other jewelry surrounding them

Your wedding ring is something that will stay on your finger for decades as a sign of your forever love. Getting the ring you cherish means choosing the perfect one. Traditionally, the groom usually picks out a bride’s ring before he proposes so it can be helpful to drop some hints about what you like, or have an open discussion about it if you’d like to be more involved in the decision. To make sure you know what to look for, here’s a guide to customizing a wedding ring to ensure you get the design that’s perfect for you.

Setting and Styles

Choose what style of ring fits you best. There are many different kinds of rings. Vintage, modern, and classic are just several to choose from. Many brides love the solitaire style while others love a three-stone setting. A classic setting is called the prong setting. The prongs grip the stones inside your ring. Many brides love the classic look because there is minimal metal so diamonds or other gemstones seem to shine even more. A bezel setting has a modern look and is easy to maintain. This setting encircles the stone with a thin rim that holds the stone(s) in place. Another setting similar to this is the halo setting. This style adds a circle of diamonds around the center stone making it seem larger and brighter. Many vintage settings have scrollwork patterns or intricate details for a one-of-a-kind look.

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The Four Cs

You’ve probably heard of the 4 Cs. Many brides swear it’s the first step to creating the perfect wedding ring. The 4 Cs refer to the cut, color, clarity, and carats of your gem. Diamonds are the most popular stones for the focal point of wedding rings. The cut is usually round, marquis, emerald, pear, or princess. You need to decide how much light you want entering the diamond that is then reflected back making the ring shine. The best cuts allow the light to be dispersed along the top making it shimmer with brightness. Diamonds actually come in different colors; however, the best color for a diamond is actually no color at all. This helps the light to pass through the easiest resulting in the brightest reflection. The clarity of a diamond refers to its amount of flaws. Diamonds range from totally flawless to simply imperfect. Most diamonds do have some imperfections, a totally flawless diamond is very rare to find. A diamond’s carat value is simply how much it weighs. Ask yourself if you want, and can afford, a 10 carat ring or love the pretty, classic 1.00 carat ring. Two diamonds can actually be the same weight in carats, but their value can be vastly different because of their cut, color, and clarity. Most brides choose a carat ring in the range of 1.00 to 3.00 carats.


Many brides choose the traditional diamond, but there’s other great options of gemstones for your ring. A gemstone with a bold color can give your ring the pop and unique look you want. Many brides choose their birthstone while others choose the stone of their anniversary. Some brides simply choose a stone they love with no significant meaning. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are some of the most popular choices.

Multiple wedding bands in different sizes and metals


You might be surprised to learn the color of your wedding ring is an important choice. It isn’t just silver or gold these days. Yellow gold is actually the most popular choice for the metal in wedding rings. Many brides also choose white gold. If you want something different, look into rose gold or a two tone metal with white and yellow gold mixed together. Sterling silver is also a classic choice for many brides and tungsten is gaining in popularity.

Commissioning a Family Ring

Sometimes a bride gets to wear a ring that has been passed on from generation to generation. The excitement of a great grandmother’s ring or their mother’s engagement ring can be just as great as getting a new ring. This type of ring has a deep meaning. Many times instead of using the entire ring a bride will commission it into their own design, keeping the stone or setting, but customizing it to fit their dreams for a ring. This way the bride gets the exact ring she wants with an added sentimental effect. Most jewelers will work with you to keep all of the history of the ring intact while adding the perfect touches.


One of the best ways to customize your ring is with an engraving. Many brides choose their wedding date, a Bible verse, or their new initials. The engraving is usually on the inside of the band. The best thing about engraving a ring is that it doesn’t have to be done when you buy it, you can choose to engrave the ring years down the road. One thing you need to remember when getting a ring engraved is to ensure the engraving is done with deep cuts so it doesn’t wear easily over the years.

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