Dropping the Right Hints to Get Your Dream Engagement Ring

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You may tell the love of your life that a gum wrapper will work as a ring as long as you’re married to him or here, but don’t kid yourself or your partner. A lot of brides have a dream ring in mind, and since an engagement ring is something you will probably wear all of your married life, it’s a huge investment with a huge meaning. This is something your great granddaughter may even wear one day. A gum wrapper just won’t work. This often puts a lot of pressure on your partner as he or she searches for the perfect symbol of your union. Make this hunt a little easier and get something you’ll love to wear by dropping the right hints.

Let Technology Do The Talking

Oops, did I leave that browser open with my perfect ring when you logged on to check your e-mail? Make it obvious you love a certain type of ring by leaving multiple browser windows open on the laptop so that your significant other just has to close out of each to get to his or her webpage. Pinterest is the perfect place to drop hints. Make a marriage board, and pin your favorite rings on the board. Show them in passing your board and hover over the photos of the rings for a little longer. You can also text or e-mail photos to friends of your favorite rings if you think your partner might ask your friends for advice on the proposal. You could even “accidentally” text your love a few pictures of rings and tell them the text was meant for your best friend. Your significant other may laugh it off or may save those photos for shopping.

Go Shopping Together

It might take a little surprise out of the upcoming proposal, but shopping together is one of the best ways to know you are getting the perfect ring. You’ve probably discussed getting married, so it might be fun to just take a “whimsical” trip to the jewelry store to check out the selection. Express interest in your favorites, and even push the envelope by trying some of them on. Make it a fun trip so he or she doesn’t feel the pressure to buy right then and there. (I mean, you want it to have a hint of surprise!) You can also point out rings you despise so you know you won’t have to fake excitement every day for the rest of your life when you look at your ring finger.

Send in the Troops

If it sounds too crazy to go ring shopping together, send a loved one with them to check out the selections. Your girlfriends usually know the type of ring you’ve been dreaming of your entire life — the cut, the band, the size, and the setting are little details you talk about when discussing rings. Your significant other might not enjoy those sort of talks, so it’s best to send in the troops to help.

Design a Ring With Two Personalities

Some people cannot stand the idea of surprises. The thought of a hideous ring plagues your nightmares. If you’ve had the marriage talk and you don’t want your significant other picking out a ring, custom design one together. You can list details of the exact type of ring you want and they can add details to the list as well. This creates one ring with both personalities. The great thing about designing a ring together is that you might know what it will look like, but you might have no idea when you will actually get it. The proposal can still be a surprise… unless you hate surprises!

State the Obvious

The easiest way to drop a hint is to just state the obvious. Grab the hands of married friends with rings you love and proclaim your love to the room. Talk about how much you love the ring and exactly what you love about it. Hopefully your significant other will be listening and taking notes. You might not want to do this when you first start dating, as it might scare the person off when you go crazy talking about rings, but after a while he or she should get the hint.

Old School Paper

It might sound old school, but many women love to read bridal magazines. Point out a few of the rings and show your significant other how lovely they are. You could even go a step further and cut out some of those rings and lay them around your room. Hang them on the refrigerator and say they are just really neat and you liked the bling decor. If you’re already reading bridal magazines, your partner probably knows the altar isn’t too far from your mind anyways.

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