Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

A hand with a stack of diamond rings on one finger.

If you’re shopping for your wedding band or trying to find the perfect engagement ring to propose with, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. There are so many options these days that it can make anyone’s head spin. Sometimes, it helps to check in on what’s trending these days for some inspiration. Here’s 14 engagement ring and wedding band trends for 2020.

Shared Prong Bezel Set

Whether you’re opting for an eternity band or would just like to add some accents to the centerpiece, choosing a ring with a set of shared-prong stones will make it stand out. Unlike a channel set, this unusual setting assures every stone gets its fair share of attention. If that sounds like too much sparkle, opt for a band that’s literally not so straight-forward. Geometric and unique rings are also equally on-point.

Something of a Statement

Many brides prefer rings that have bigger stones and no—it doesn’t have to be a diamond. Look for something that’s noticeable, but still functional. A statement ring in its true definition is seen as impractical for an engagement or wedding ring.

Emerald Cuts

An emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

It seems that every year, a different shape takes center stage. Last year, it was the pear and oval cut. In 2020, the emerald cut is now the go-to shape for all gemstones—not just emeralds and diamonds. For added pizzazz, choose a three-stone setting. You won’t regret the choice either; even though it’s trending now, it’s a classic look that will never go out of style.

East Meets West

The East-West setting was rising in popularity last year and continues to reign in 2020. Because they don’t look like what you’d normally expect, rings with this setting appear both modern and vintage. East-West simply refers to the fact that the stone appears to be turned sideways. Obviously, this is not applicable to a circular or any bi-symmetrical stone.


You might have heard this term when browsing hair color trends, but apparently, it also naturally exists when it comes to gemstones. If you get to see one in person, you’ll understand why ombré stones are the hit of the season. There is something very eye-catching about a rock that changes from light to dark.

Delicate Details

A bride wearing a diamond engagement ring with a thin gold band.

Recently, people are preferring thinner bands. It’s understandable why; the delicate design looks elegant. As a bonus, it also draws extra attention to the stone(s), if the ring features any.


Another unique option if you want multiple stones on your ring is combining different cuts and/or colors together. For something more eclectic, choose a band with stones that dramatically differ from each other in size as well.


More brides are going the minimal route and opting for a simple wedding band, not unlike the classic groom’s ring. If you don’t like the idea of wearing a diamond every day, this trend may be for you.


A pair of two-tone wedding bands in gold and platinum.

Men are finding the monochromatic wedding band a bit boring these days, although plain platinum is a top choice. Instead, they’re opting for rings that have more than one metal. As an example, one popular style is platinum on the outside and gold on the inside (or vice versa). Another is having two different metals side-by-side on the exterior.

Hidden Halos

This option is great for the minimalist elitist. It refers to smaller stones placed on the side of the ring, often on the setting, that cannot be seen from the bird’s-eye view. The style’s main attraction is that is adds an extra something when the ring is viewed from the side. For a bride that sees the ring from every angle throughout the day, it’s a little something that’ll literally brighten up her day.


Another trend in men’s rings is adding something extra to the design. Having a stone or a few melted into the band in a gypsy setting is ideal for the guy who likes a little sparkle, but still needs to work with his hands. These are especially popular for men’s engagement rings, should the guy wear one, as they’re fancier than the typical wedding band.

Colored Gemstones

A green gemstone ring.

Nothing quite grabs your attention like an unexpected pop of color. Perhaps that’s why colored gemstones are trending these days. Although many people are choosing something other than diamonds, those true to the classic are also preferring a statement stone over a color-less piece. Not sure which one to pick? A birthstone generally never fails.


You might notice more jewelry shops starting to offer recycled metals. If you or your partner are eco-conscious, this is definitely something to consider. Metals can be recycled endlessly and never lose their value or sheen. If you want to take it a step further, most jewelry shops already offer to add your own stone of choice to any band. They can even alter the stone’s shape to your liking.

Keep it Classic

Of course, the classics such as a simple diamond-lined eternity band or solitaire never go out of fashion. If nothing else, you will surely never regret this style of ring.

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