Everything to Know About Getting Your Engagement Ring Resized

A female hand with various diamond engagement rings on one finger.

Your partner got down on one knee and surprised you with the most beautiful ring. You said yes. They slipped the dazzling bauble onto your finger and…it didn’t fit. Hey, it happens! Sometimes you can plan the perfect engagement moment and pick out the perfect engagement ring but the ring size? Not so much. Unless you two have actually specifically discussed rings and ring sizes, chances are your partner is going to guess at what size you are. Whether your ring is too tight or too loose, there’s no need to panic or be embarrassed. Here’s what you need to know about getting your engagement ring resized.

How it’s Supposed to Fit

A female hand wearing a diamond engagement ring.

You want your ring to feel snug, but not too snug. It should feel firm at the base of your ring ringer (meaning no slipping and sliding) and it should be able to easily slide off your finger with little friction or pulling. (Which means if it gets stuck at your knuckle and you need your partner to help yank it off, then you need to get your ring resized.) Comfort is key.

How Much Can a Jeweler Resize the Ring?

Typically, you can get your ring resized up or down two sizes. Any more than that, and you risk compromising the ring.

How Long Does it Typically Take?

While every jewelry store works differently, typically the process won’t take longer than two weeks, which means your ring finger won’t be naked for very long!

What Type of Rings Can Be Resized?

A selection of diamond engagement rings.

Not all rings are cut from the same cloth, or material, in this case. Jewelers can work with rings that are made from gold, silver, and platinum. However, rose gold and tungsten cannot be resized. Titanium is also generally avoided.

How Do Jewelers Size Down a Ring?

Yikes! Your ring is too loose. No sweat. In this case, a jeweler will cut out a small piece of the band according to your size and then intricately create a new circle so that the ring can be banded together again. Then they’ll make sure the ring is clean and polished from the process, so your ring will look sparkling new—and fit the way you want it to. A tip: If it’s possible, ask your jeweler if you can keep the extra piece of metal from the ring that was cut out. You never know if your fingers will get larger in the future and you’ll want it to be sized up.

How Do Jewelers Size up a Ring?

Uh oh. Your ring is too tight and you need it sized up. This is a bit trickier of a process than sizing down because it involves adding a new piece to your band that needs to look like it’s been there all along. In this case, the jeweler will cut out a piece from your ring so that they can add another piece of metal to it, and then carefully put it back together again. Again, when the jeweler’s work is done, they will ensure your ring is clean and looks as beautiful and normal as possible. Some jewelers might use a stretching technique when sizing up, however, it should be noted that this technique is known to thin out the metal of the ring and could end up interfering with the ring’s shape. It can also damage your diamond or any other gemstones you might have encrusted within the band. Because sizing up a ring requires more work and material than sizing down, you will typically pay more to have a ring sized up.

It might be a little annoying or frustrating to get your ring resized, but it’s often a painless process that is more than worth it. Once you get your ring fit to size, you and your partner’s future is sure to rock.

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