How to Choose the Groom’s Wedding Band

A bride putting a wedding band on her groom's finger during the wedding ceremony.

It used to be that men would opt for a simple metal band as their wedding ring. Now, things are changing. Modern grooms are putting more thought into their wedding bands, finding it important to get it right. After all, it will be a public symbol and daily reminder of the love and commitment you and your spouse now share. Having said that, many men today want some personality and style incorporated into their ring. Therefore, it’s important to put some thought into shopping.

Ideally, you should go shopping for your wedding bands together. And as with the bride, when choosing the groom’s wedding band, there are several things one must consider. Most importantly, the groom himself! What’s his style, personality, and day-to-day duties? If this is an item he’ll be wearing for a long time, it should be perfect and suitable for his lifestyle. When doing so, here are some key points to decide on.

Choose Matching Bands

Two men's hands silver wedding bands.

Traditionally, the bride’s and groom’s wedding rings match in some shape or form. For example, you might want to use the same metal or a similar design. To this day, most people still choose to follow this tradition. It can be sweet to share some details, but it’s obviously not necessary or a requirement. Don’t feel pressured to do this if it isn’t your style.

Material Matters

There are different pros and cons for every ring material out there. It’s worth it to spend some time examining these as there is a perfect solution for every style and lifestyle out there.

For example, if the groom lives or works in a rugged environment, he might want a more durable metal such as platinum, tungsten, or titanium. However, if he doesn’t mind occasional maintenance to keep his ring shiny, he might opt for the traditional gold or silver. In addition, the material may matter if the groom has any allergies to metals. In some cases, it may not be obvious. For example, white gold is often mixed with nickel, which is one of the most common metals to trigger a reaction.

Finding the Perfect Fit

When it comes to the groom’s wedding bands, there are generally two fits to choose from—the traditional fit and comfort fit. Fit preference varies from person to person, so it’s best to try on both options to see how they feel. In addition, one’s ring size may be different depending on which fit you choose.

A ring with a traditional (aka standard) fit has a flat interior. Most men consider it more comfortable because it hugs the finger closer. It’s also the best choice if the groom doesn’t plan on taking his wedding ring on and off repeatedly. Comfort fit, on the other hand, has a curved interior. This is done on purpose to make the ring easier to slide over the knuckle. These types of rings are generally best purchased half a size up.

Sizing Up

A bride putting a silver metal wedding band on a groom's hand.

There’s more to size than the fit. If you’re shopping from one jeweler, you might not need to worry about sizing issues because you’re trying all models on in person. However, if you’re shopping online, things can get tricky.

Should you choose a cyber retailer for your wedding band, go to at least 2-3 physical jewelry shops to get your correct size. Mail-in ring sizers are often unreliable. In addition, keep in mind that some rings, especially ones made from tungsten, cannot be altered. Hence, make sure your shop has a return policy just in case.

It’s best to avoid trying on rings after being too hot or too cold, as extreme temperatures are known to make your fingers swell or shrink, respectively. Shop for your wedding band when your body is at about room temperature.

Finishing Touches

Because the exterior of the ring is what people will see, this may be the most important aspect to consider. In addition, if you wear any other accessories, such as a watch, you might want to match the ring to it. In regards to appearance, you’ll first want to decide if you want a shiny, matte, or mixed finish. You could also opt for a more textured exterior by choosing a hammered metal.

Down to the Details

In lieu of simple wedding bands, grooms today want to add more style and personality to their rings. For example, more men are now interested in having some sort of bling, be it a diamond or other stone, on their wedding band. Others enjoy some sort of custom engraving, be it the wedding date, quote, or meaningful design. These can be done on the exterior or the interior. If you’re looking for something truly unique, skip metals altogether. Some men opt for non-standard materials, such as wood, silicon, or…a tattoo!

No matter what, make sure you choose the ring that you’ll proudly wear and show off forever. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your personality into it, and make sure it matches your lifestyle as well.

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