How to Match Your Engagement Ring to Your Personal Style

Many women think that a traditional ring with a single diamond will be the obvious choice for an engagement ring, but as you begin to explore the wide world of engagement rings, it might be worthwhile to consider multiple options as you choose! Visit a few different jewelers and do some research online to make sure that your ring will continue to dazzle you for many years to come.

Dazzling and Sophisticated: Traditional Diamond with Halo of Smaller Stones

A halo engagement ring on a female hand.

Women with a modern style who know they sparkle all the time tend to be attracted to a good halo ring, which is a larger diamond surrounded by smaller stones. If you love a halo ring, your outfits probably turn heads and your friends come to you for advice on how to pull off all the latest trends. This multi-stone ring will look good with all of your bright and exciting outfits—but more importantly, you’ll feel radiant when you’re wearing it.

Old Fashioned Classic Beauty: Vintage Rings from Past Decades

An antique or vintage wedding band in gold with diamond clusters.

Are you the friend who can pick the gem out of any consignment or thrift shop, or a woman who’s wasted on modern fashion because you so obviously belong in the ’50s instead? A vintage ring may be the way to go. Not only does jewelry from the past tend to be high-quality, but it usually won’t look like anyone else’s ring when you compare it to your friend’s. Picking a vintage ring will not only complete your many vintage ensembles, but complement your classic looks as well.

Hippie Earth-Lover: Boutique Designer or Uniquely Shaped Ring

A unique engagement ring with a large stone and carved leafs on the band.

If you’re a lover of the flowing shirts, patterned skirts, and layered jewelry of the ’60s and ’70s, or you’re just all about the earth tones because of your love of nature, you may prefer a small-brand designer ring. This may include one you find on Etsy or in an artisan craft fair. Not only can you find some artistic and unusual shapes for rings in these festivals, but you’re able to connect personally with the person who shaped your ring, which can make for a great story long-term. Vine patterns and leaf shapes are often popular for the nature-lover in you, so consider something a little out-of-the-box if you want to make a statement with your wedding ring.

Nontraditional and Independent: Unusual Metals and Stones

A pair of rings with ruby and emerald gemstones.

You’ve marched to the beat of your own drum your whole life: no one gets to box in your behavior or your wardrobe. If you’re the one who wears what you want when you want it, look into rings that might not be traditional, but definitely speak to you. This could mean a gemstone other than diamonds. Rubies and sapphires are popular choices since they’re colored, but still extremely durable. Choosing a nontraditional ring could also mean a darker or different metal, or even a non-metal ring! The sky is the limit, and if it’s meaningful to you, you don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks.

Tried and True: Solitaire with Slim Band

An engagement ring with a solitaire diamond in a black jewelry box.

While matching your ring to your personality is lovely, there is some truth to the fact that a simple, slim band with a single solitaire diamond will look great with nearly anything. If you aren’t sure which of the above styles fits you, it’s never a bad idea to try on a few more traditional rings–they’re standard for a reason! Rather than focusing on getting a ring that looks different from other rings, you can focus on getting a ring that has exceptional quality or value, or a diamond that is conflict-free or has an excellent level of clarity. This way, if your style changes over time, your ring will remain beautiful and fitting for the way you live. Many people who want to stick with the solitaire also consider slightly out-of-the-box metals, like white gold or rose gold, to liven things up while still matching everything they own.

No matter which rings appeal to you most, picking an engagement ring that fits your personal style will make it feel like a part of you. Try a few rings on and make sure that you end up with one that fits your style and gives you the little burst of excitement that such a beautiful piece of jewelry should.

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