Mixed Stone Rings: Diamonds and Gems

A yellow gem featured in a diamond engagement ring with a platinum band

What’s the new engagement ring trend sweeping the ring-design industry? Colorful stone accents! Between rings that feature colorful gemstones and traditional diamond rings, these rings are the perfect middle road. While some a are sticking to the traditional diamond ring, like Paris Hilton with her 20-carat diamond solitaire ring, others are jumping ship and going bold with color.

Diamond engagement ring featuring a blue-green center stone

Choosing the Right Colored Gemstones

When considering the different types of engagement ring designs with colorful accents, there are a few stones that stand out. Some stones look absolutely beautiful when paired with a diamond: sapphires, rubies, emeralds, yellow diamonds, and opals. A few less popular, but significantly cheaper alternatives, are pearl and moonstone. On the other hand, some people choose to make these beautiful gemstones the main stone for their engagement ring.

If you’ve decided to use these stones as accents, they will all look great within the right ring design. Just keep in mind that some stones are more durable than others. For instance, a lot of people choose topaz as their accent gem because of its durability. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are all pretty durable, but they can require special care. Talk to your jeweler to discuss the best ring options based on your budget requirements and your desired ring style.

Varying Design Options for Accent Stones

Now that you know what people typically look for in stone accents, you can make your specific design decisions. There are a lot of design elements that factor in when it comes to choosing accent gems. For instance, what is the style of the ring? Is it modern, art deco, or classic? You could always let the style dictate the type of gem accents you will use. An art deco styled ring pairs wonderfully with an emerald or sapphire. Rubies and yellow diamonds look great with classic ring design styles. If you’re looking for a chic stone to go with your totally modern ring, you could always go with something sharp like a black or pink diamond.

A ruby and diamond engagement ring in a gold setting

You could even consider adding multiple types of stones to your ring. Although you risk a “rainbow” look, unless that’s what you’re going for, multiple colors can look great if paired correctly. Consider the shape and size of your gem accents. The bigger and more unique you make your accents, the more they will stand out. If you want your accents to to be more muted, you should make them smaller and mimic the shape of the diamond. I have seen many rings with all the gems aligned in a row, where there is a diamond featured in the middle and a colored gem on either side of it. A ring like this keeps the accents balanced while highlighting the diamond to feature it in the design.

Flattering Colors to Match Your Personality

A good way to choose a colorful accent is to think about what colors look good on you. If you go this route, you’ll never feel like the colors clash with your eyes or skin tone. Consider what kind of clothes you typically wear. What color of ring would go well with your wardrobe and which colors would not be complementary? You could also base the color choice off your favorite color to simplify things. Make certain the stone you want is one that is durable or that you’re willing to care for a ring with a more fragile stone.

A diamond engagement ring with a blue center stone

If you’re still having trouble imagining what colors you can choose for accents, try thinking about your typical gemstone choices. What stones are you normally attracted to? If you go with something you normally like, chances are you’ll like your ring all the same. If you think the colors would just be too much, consider more neutral options. You could pair your diamond with something soft, like a light-colored yellow diamond, or even a pearl or opal. The opal, although not very durable, works well because its multicolored flecks look great with almost any stone.

Multi-Stone Wedding Bands

Another aspect of the multi-stoned ring is the wedding band. When you have such a unique ring, how in the world do you pair it to a wedding band? This is completely up to you, and, like your gemstone choices, you have lots of options here. You could go with the classic solid gold or silver band, great for offsetting the busyness of a colorful ring. You could choose a band that is complex in its metal work. This is a great choice if the band on the engagement ring has intricate metal carvings or designs. It’s an effective look to tie design elements together. This is true for gemstones as well.

With so many possibilities, it’s hard not to get excited about a multi-stone engagement ring. These rings are definitely for you if you’re looking to go outside the box, yet stay trendy. Some worry that these rings don’t scream wedding because they aren’t the traditional diamond ring. I would argue that with the right design any colored stone can look great in an engagement ring. In the end it’s up to you. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I’d argue that yellow and pink diamonds are also highly desirable.

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