Should You Go With Your Fiance to Pick Out Rings?

A couple shops for their engagement ring together in a jewelry store

Your engagement ring is something that will be on your finger forever. You don’t want to stare down at a ring you absolutely hate for the rest of your life. You also want to be surprised at the ring your significant other chooses. It’s a delicate balance. Some women want to shop for rings together with their future spouse, while others want to stay out of the ring selection process.

There are a few things to consider before joining your significant other at the jewelry store to pick out rings.

The Mystery Is Gone

One exciting part of an engagement proposal is looking down at the ring for the first time and feeling amazed at what your significant other has picked out for you. Going together to look at rings takes the mystery out of the surprise. You know exactly what you’re getting. This could actually be a great thing if you know what you want. Your significant other doesn’t have to worry about figuring out which ring you really love. You don’t have to worry about crying over a princess cut when you wanted a solitaire diamond. If you don’t mind giving up the surprise of getting a ring, then go shopping for it together.

A man proposes to his girlfriend with a diamond engagement ring

Talk About What You Want

Instead of going shopping together, you could discuss in detail the exact rings you love. Make sure your significant other understands what cut of diamond you want, how many carats it should be, and if you desire any other details on the ring. Then, he or she can go shopping without the wonder and stress hanging over their head that they might disappoint you with the wrong ring. You may not want to know how much your partner is spending on the ring, but there maybe a set budget, so make sure your requirements aren’t over the budget.

Pick the Ring Out Together

Picking out a ring together means you get exactly what you want. You don’t have to beat around the bush by sending subtle messages about what kind of diamonds you would like on your engagement ring. You get to select and try on certain rings that you prefer. You will know for the rest of your life, this exact ring was the one you picked out together. Choose a ring together as a couple, since your finger gets to feature this ring forever. You never have to worry about rolling your eyes when people ask to see your ring.

A couple hugs each other after getting engaged

Throw Tradition Out the Window

Some couples are all about following tradition, while other couples throw tradition out the window. Some people don’t ask the bride’s father for her hand in marriage, while other couples don’t serve cake at the wedding. The point is, not every couple is the same when it comes to the engagement and the wedding celebration.

Traditionally, the future groom surprises the bride with a ring during a special proposal. Going ring shopping together does not follow the traditional route, but it’s an option that works for a lot of couples. This tradition is not mandatory, so you don’t have to go this route. You can still have a special proposal moment, even if you know the ring in the box is the exact ring you chose.

A collection of diamond engagement rings

Choose a Few Different Ring Options

You can go ring shopping together and still keep the mystery alive. Choose a few different designs that you would like and try them on together. Model them for your future partner and explain why you like each one. This gives your partner choices for the ring and leaves you with a bit of mystery about what you might receive. Later, your partner can tell you why he or she chose that specific ring for you. Maybe there was one particular ring that made your eyes light up with excitement. Discussing your ring choices will help you feel empowered and helps your partner feel confident about choosing the right ring.

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