The Care and Keeping of Diamond Rings

Diamond ring in box

Diamonds are forever. However, sparkling, shiny diamonds can fade into dull, boring ones without attention. Proper care and maintenance will ensure your diamonds will glimmer beyond compare for years to come. We have a few guidelines that’ll help you show off your ring bling every day for years to come.

Insure Your Ring

One of the best things you can do to care for your ring is insure it. Of course, nothing can ever replace the emotional and sentimental value of your engagement/wedding ring. Insuring your ring just means if it’s ever lost or damaged, the cost is covered. Your significant other can go get you the same kind or invest in an upgrade.

Routine Inspections

Your wedding ring is probably one of the most important things you’ll wear. Regular inspections at your local jeweler will keep its health top notch. Yes, rings need annual check-ups just like you do! To the naked eye your ring might look just fine, but have problems under the surface. A jeweler can ensure there aren’t any chips or cracks in the diamonds and ensure your gemstones are firmly held in place. You can easily get these things fixed before they cause further deterioration of your diamonds or lead to a missing jewel in your setting.

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Let The Ring Rest

You won’t spontaneously combust and your marriage won’t fail just because you take off your diamonds at times. You should take the ring off during any times that might present stress to your gems. Little things like carrying heavy luggage on a trip or washing dishes can mess with the setting or the diamonds. Let your ring rest at times so it isn’t always bullied by the outside world. You may feel naked, but you’re extending the life of your ring.

Clean Your Diamonds Regularly

You’ll be amazed at the shine a jeweler can bring out in your ring and most jewelers will steam clean your ring free of charge. Make sure you get it cleaned regularly to keep it sparkly. If you want to try to copy this cleaning technique at home, you can rinse it with warm water and dish detergent. Don’t scrub it with anything but a soft toothbrush. Some people swear by soaking your ring in gin or vodka to get the same effect.

Don’t Apply Body Creams When Wearing Your Ring

Diamonds become dull when slathered with heavy creams. As you rub lotion on your body or cream on your face, the residue can leave your diamonds looking sad. This residue may even discolor ring if you aren’t careful. Take your ring off and sit it in a safe location as you apply lotion to ensure it won’t get damaged.

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Be Careful

Don’t be a daredevil on a daily basis when wearing your ring. Don’t be careless and leave it on during times it might get damaged. Whether throwing the football to your kids or wrestling with your dog, be careful not to chip the band or loosen the stones. Try not to punch the wall in anger or use your hand as a hammer hanging artwork. Swinging a tennis racket, spiking a volleyball, or lifting weights can easily knock stones our of their place.

Remove Your Ring When Preparing Food

Cooking can be messy. From kneading dough for bread, rolling meatballs between your hands, and rubbing spices on meat, food particles can get stuck deep within your diamonds. You don’t want raw meat stuck in your ring for days. Simply remove your ring and place it in a safe location when cooking. Make sure to put it back on after you get done so it doesn’t get swept away in the garbage disposal with the leftover remnants of food.

Store Diamonds Properly

It’s important that diamonds are stored properly when they aren’t on your finger. You may never take your ring off, but if you do, put it in the proper location. You should store diamonds in a jewelry box lined with cloth. This helps avoid scratches and any damage to the setting.

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Don’t Swim With Your Ring

Swimming in cold water can shrink your fingers. This means the ring can become loose and fall off if you’re not careful. Harsh chemicals in pools and spas may also easily discolor your metal. Platinum is tough to taint, but sterling silver and white gold doesn’t stand a chance next to these chemicals. This doesn’t mean you have to remove your ring when taking a bath, but be careful of the sudsy bubbles that might dull your diamonds.

Remove Your Ring When Cleaning

Harsh chemicals can harm the diamonds as well as the metal in your ring. If you clean your home with solvents that contain bleach they can react negatively. They won’t destroy the ring, but they can leave diamonds cloudy and dull. Always remove your ring or wear gloves when cleaning to prevent this from happening.

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