When to Not Wear Your Engagement Ring

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You just got proposed to and it’s so exciting. Your partner got down on one knee, planned a whole surprise with flowers or a even new puppy. You are so thrilled about your new engagement ring. It’s one-of-a-kind and the perfect type for you. The best surprise is a diamond surprise, am I right? But are there times when it’s right not to wear your ring? It’s only natural after the big proposal to want to show off that shiny bling, but when is it okay or even crucial not to wear it?

When You’re Skydiving

Or you know, when you’re doing anything potentially dangerous to your ring. What I mean is, maybe don’t wear your new ring while you play in your rugby league. If you’re sightseeing in the Grand Canyon, don’t risk it. It’s easy to keep the ring off when you consider how sad you would be if you lost it. Maybe your ring is an antique or family heirloom. You are now the keeper of your engagement ring and it’s your job to protect it. Depending on how long your engagement runs, you might get used to the ring and start to get sloppy. Don’t be one of those people who regrets losing their ring. Your rule might go something like: if I don’t feel 100% confident in the safety of my ring during this swim with the dolphins, roller coaster experience, etc, then don’t wear it.

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When It Will Get Dirty

Your engagement ring is special; you know that. Well did you know that even a special ring can get dirty? Try to cut down on the wear and tear of your ring by taking it off before you dig in the dirt for example. This also applies if you have a certain type of job where you ring is potentially going to be a dirt magnet. Let’s say you’re a landscaper who works outside all day. You may want to consider removing your ring before you replant a tree. If you’re a nurse, you can always keep the ring off to avoid any accidental spills of medication, food, etc. It’s okay to take the ring off if it means keeping your stone sparkling. You still love your partner, you just know that paint can get down in the gaps between stone and band and that some types of crafting glue just don’t come off. Ever.

Before You’re Ready

Some people get engaged and they want to shout it from the rooftops. I’m going to get married! But not everyone is the same. There are a lot of reasons someone might not want everyone to know right away. If this is you, it’s simple, keep the ring off until you’re ready to share the news. If you really don’t want people to know and you wear it anyway, you run the risk of word getting out. It’s okay to take control and not wear your ring. Some people prefer to share big news on their own time and that is A-OK.

It Hasn’t Been Sized Yet

I know, I know, you just absolutely can’t wait to get that ring on your finger. Sometimes the finger and the ring want to be friends, but the ring turns the finger purple. Don’t try to force anything, that’s not good for your ring or your finger. Also, you don’t want your first big experience with your new ring to be the fire department coming to pry it off. The same goes for if your ring is too big. There’s no harm in waiting until the sizing can be completed to wear your ring, especially if there’s a risk of it falling off at any time. Even if you have to wait a while for the sizing due to money, scheduling conflicts, etc, it’s better to wait than regret a damaged or lost ring (or finger).

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When It’s Inappropriate

It’s not always the right time to wear your ring and that’s okay. It’s all right if you haven’t told anyone yet and you don’t want the ring to tell-all. It’s especially okay if the news will steal someone’s thunder or be inappropriate. For instance, let’s say you just got engaged and a death occurs in the family. You want your family to know, but you also don’t want everyone finding out about the engagement at a funeral. It’s not a happy moment for you and it also feels a bit tacky. Same thing goes for something like a baby shower or friend’s wedding. It’s not your ring’s fault it speaks loudly, but keeping it off might save you from stealing the mother-to-be or the bride’s thunder and feeling like a heel.

When You’re Allergic

Unfortunately not all rings are allergen-free. Many bands, even if they are mainly another metal, contain nickel. You may think “that’s fine because I don’t have a nickel allergy.” Well, you might not now, but actually a nickel allergy can form at any time. My cousin recently had to remove her rings after many years because her skin was breaking out underneath where they touched her skin. The doctor let her know that a nickel allergy is fairly common and more common in women than men. She was sad to take the rings off, but they just aren’t worth the health repercussions. So if you ever find yourself allergic to your ring, don’t be afraid to take a little break until your figure out a solution. You will feel better and your finger will be much happier.

Not wearing your engagement ring can have a heavy stigma attached, but it doesn’t always have to mean doom and gloom. Just because you aren’t wearing your ring doesn’t mean you and your partner aren’t as strong as ever. Still, some people feel uncomfortable without their ring on. You can always wear a replacement ring while yours is unsuitable. This way you don’t feel weird not wearing one, and your real ring stays safe off your finger. Keeping your engagement ring off for a little while is worth it if it means a lifetime of wearing it in happiness.

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