4 Reasons Why Moissanite Is a Better Choice

A groom putting a moissanite ring on the hand of the bride.

There’s a new darling in the alternative engagement ring stone game: moissanite. This stone has become massively popular in the past few years, with many couples choosing this glittering gem for their engagement rings instead of the traditional diamond. In fact, moissanite has become the go-to stone for anyone who wants the look of a diamond (moissanite is also a white stone with lots of fire) at a fraction of the price.

What is the appeal of moissanite? Some want to avoid the diamond industry, which has long been rife with controversy. Others are attracted to the price tag. And still others just think that moissanite is a better stone! Here are a few of the benefits you can get from a moissanite engagement ring.

1. It’s Cheaper than a Diamond

These days, getting married is a very expensive affair. Similarly, married life is an expensive affair: renting a home, buying a home, paying your bills…it all costs a pretty penny. Many of today’s couples need to get the most bang for their buck—and that’s why they turn to moissanite, the less expensive engagement ring stone.

Let’s say you want to buy your sweetheart a one-carat stone when you pop the question. If you buy a diamond, that size could cost you upwards of $5,000! By contrast, a one-carat moissanite stone is only around $650. This means you’ll have room in the budget for a larger wedding, a more extravagant honeymoon, or even a bigger moissanite stone.

2. It’s Shinier than a Diamond

A woman wearing a moissanite engagement ring that's sparkling in the sunshine.

One of the most important things about a diamond is its fire (aka how much it sparkles in natural light). When light reflects off a diamond, it disperses into colorful beams (like a prism) to create the glittering look we all know and love. However, if you compare a diamond and moissanite side by side, you might be surprised to discover that moissanite glitters even more!

Moissanite has excellent dispersion, even greater than your average diamond. In fact, moissanite scores slightly higher than diamonds on the refractive index— 2.65 versus 2.42, respectively. If you want your ring to be blindingly sparkly, you may be better off opting for moissanite.

3. It’s Just as Strong as a Diamond

A woman's hand on her shoulder wearing a diamond ring.

Most women wear their engagement rings every single day. They wear them while they’re driving, working, doing the dishes, and everything in between—and that means it’s bound to take a beating throughout the day. If you want your ring to withstand all those daily bumps and bruises, you need a stone that’s highly durable.

This is another reason why many people choose diamonds. They are very hard and durable, ranking a 10 on the Mohs scale for hardness. However, moissanite is also a great choice for daily wear. It ranks just shy of a diamond at 9.25, meaning it will stay beautiful no matter how much wear you subject it to.

4. Moissanite Is Better for the Planet

Finally, we’ve come to the biggest benefit moissanite has over diamonds: it’s environmentally friendly. While moissanite does occur naturally (it was first discovered in Arizona in 1893), it’s actually quite rare. Because of this, all moissanite available for sale today is grown in a lab.

Lab-grown gemstones inherently have a smaller carbon footprint than natural stones like diamonds. There is no mining required, which means no soil erosion, no ecosystems damaged by damming or rerouting rivers, and no dangerous mining pits left behind. Additionally, lab-grown stones like moissanite don’t require backbreaking human labor—which means you won’t have to worry about the ethical practices involved in getting your stone.

These days, many people are looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint and mitigate the negative effects human life can have on the planet. Buying a moissanite stone instead of a diamond is one simple way to do your part while still keeping in the tradition of gifting your loved one a piece of sparkly jewelry they can wear for the rest of their life. With this stone, you can save money and feel good about your engagement ring, all while enjoying that sparkle and shine!

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