6 Wedding Day Looks for Grooms

A groom wearing suspenders.

When it comes to wedding fashion, some think that the bride gets to have all the fun. But grooms have lots of options for what to wear, and they should be able to take full advantage of that while using their own personal style as inspiration. Here’s a guide for fashion choices grooms can make based on their own personality.

1. Traditional

A groom wearing a tuxedo and walking with his bride in a lace dress.

If your groom is a traditionalist, it’s pretty easy to figure out what he should wear for the big day! A classic, well-tailored black tux will likely be the way to go (if your wedding is formal enough to warrant it). The black jacket of a tuxedo contrasted by a crisp white dress shirt is sure to stun and will highlight your groom’s traditional style perfectly. Plus, what man doesn’t look handsome in a tuxedo?!

2. Rugged

A rugged groom likely has his own distinct sense of style that you’ll want him to embrace on your wedding day. A suit in neutral tones could be just the ticket for this groom. Also, leather accessories such as a dark, worn leather belt and leather boots instead of dress shoes will help to accentuate this style. A suit jacket with leather or plaid elbow patches is another great way for a groom to show his rugged style as he walks down the aisle.

3. Preppy

A groom wearing a blue plaid jacket with a teal bowtie.

If your groom is preppy and loves all things bright, pastel, and patterned, there are several routes you can go as far as his wedding day apparel is concerned. For something more dressy, a gray three-piece suit could be the perfect choice, paired with a pastel tie or bowtie. If you’re having an outdoor wedding in a warm climate, a seer sucker suit could be right up his alley. Finally, if you’re doing something more casual, a pair of Nantucket red khakis paired with a dress shirt, Vineyard Vines (or similar) tie or bowtie, boat shoes, and checked dress shirt could be what he feels most himself in.

4. Sporty

If your groom is a huge sports fan, he can easily incorporate this personality trait into his wedding day look. This can be done by adding touches that show his team pride. Something like wearing a tie or pocket square with the team’s logo on it could be a fun way for him to embrace this part of his personality. If you’re looking for something more subtle, a tie in the team colors or dress socks in the theme of the team can be the solution.

5. Boho or Free Spirited

A boho groom and bride standing by a white fence.

For a more boho and free spirited groom, there are definitely outfits that make sense for him to wear to reflect his specific personality on his wedding day. If you’re having a winter wedding in the cold weather, a tweed, plaid blazer is the perfect way for your groom to both make a statement and embrace his style preferences. You can also reflect a groom’s boho personality via accessories. For instance, a boutonniere that contrasts traditional style with unique elements like succulents could be the perfect way for him to accent his look. Finally, items like suspenders or printed vests are other accents that can set the groom apart and help him to embrace his personal style.

6. Scholarly

A bride and groom walking out from their ceremony to confetti.

A studious and scholarly groom can embrace his personality and style preferences in unique ways. For instance, a classic black suit, white dress shirt, and sleek black tie could be the perfect route for your groom to take. Your groom should wear polished shoes, a pocket square, a tie clip, and sleek cufflinks. If he wears glasses, he should embrace that look and opt to wear those over contacts.

There are so many different looks for a groom to choose from, each of which allowing him to showcase his own personality and signature style so he feels like his genuine self on this special day.

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