8 New Fashion Rules for Grooms

A groom wearing a bow tie and suspenders, standing next to a bride in a lace dress.

The fashion of a wedding isn’t all about the bride! Especially in today’s world, grooms are more fashionable and stylish than ever, and there are certainly new fashion rules that these dapper men should be aware of as they prepare for their big day.

Match the Formality of the Bride

A bride and groom wearing white casual outfits.

One new style rule that should be followed by all grooms is to match the formality of what they wear to that of what the bride’s wearing. This can definitely be tricky, since the groom probably doesn’t know what the bride’s dress looks like leading up to the big day. This is where the advice and guidance of the bride comes in, though! If the bride will be wearing an over-the-top, bedazzled gown, the groom should avoid wearing a more casual outfit, like a linen suit. This is just a general rule of thumb and thankfully the bride won’t need to be too specific in her guidance, keeping her gown an overall surprise.

Also Consider the Flowers

The colors that the groom wears should match the overall aesthetic of the wedding, or at least coordinate well with the wedding colors. Something important for grooms to consider is the color of the flowers, particularly in the bride’s bouquet. The groom won’t want to wear a tie in a color that will clash with his bride’s bouquets or his boutonniere.

Get the Buttons Right

A groom and two groomsmen wearing dark blue suits.

Most suits are available in two- and three-button options on the jacket. If a two-button jacket is what the groom chooses, the top button should rest above the belly button. If a three-button jacket is the option of choice, the middle button should fall in that space.

Check the Hem

Another item on a jacket to check is that the hem of the jacket sleeve is correct. It should fall at the wrist bone, allowing a bit of the cuff to be visible. However, no more than a half-inch of the cuff should be peeking out. The bottom hem of the jacket should cover the bum of the groom with its vent closed. If the vent is open, size up for a more comfortable and accurate fit.

Trouser Fit Rules

A groom tying his shoes.

There are a few different ways that trousers can fit, depending on the preferences of the groom. For instance, for a modern look, the hem of pants should hit the top of the shoe. For a more traditional look, when sitting the trousers should break across the top of the shoes to cover the top third. Dress socks should be worn so that none of the legs are exposed when the groom sits down.

Coordination with Groomsmen

A groom and his side of the wedding party should coordinate their looks, matching in formality. They can also match in the color of their suits and ties if desired, but it’s not required. There should be coordination with accessories, such as socks or pocket squares. It’s trendy for the guys to go a bit above and beyond when it comes to accessories, getting creative by incorporating fun sunglasses, watches, or cufflinks. This really gives the groom a chance to express himself and his personal style.

Special Accessories Are a Must

A flatlay of accessories for a groom including sunglasses, a watch, and bowtie.

Having special accessories that set the groom apart are a must-have in today’s world of weddings. This could be something as simple as a different colored tie or a special boutonniere that indicates the groom is the guest of honor. This is a fun way for him to stand apart from his groomsmen as he walks down the aisle.

Alterations are Key

Alterations aren’t just for the bride when it comes to wedding attire. The groom should absolutely visit a tailor to have his suit or tux fitted to him perfectly in order to look polished and dapper on the big day. Great alterations can make all the difference, turning a suit that could potentially look wrinkled or ill-fitting into a classic piece that fits like a glove.

A groom that follows these style rules on the big day is sure to look polished and spiffy!

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