8 Tips to Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe Before the Big Day

A lace wedding dress in a box next to a bouquet and heels.

Your wedding gown is one of the most important pieces of clothing that you’ll ever buy, so there’s no doubt you’ll want to handle it with care leading up to your big day. Once the alterations are done and it’s in your possession, you’ll definitely want to make an effort to keep it in pristine condition until you’re ready to slip it on for your walk down the aisle. Here are measures you can take to keep your dream wedding dress in tip-top condition.

1. Pack it Well to Keep the Shape

To help your gown keep its shape, it should be packed by your tailor or seamstress on a bust form or on tissue paper. Make sure you request this to be done from your alterations professional to help your dress stay safe and in its best condition.

2. Take the Dress out of any Plastic

Your dress should remain covered to keep it clean while you await the big day. However, you should take your dress out of any plastic and place it instead in a cloth garment bag or under a clean sheet. A plastic covering is too stifling to your gown, and a garment bag or sheet will allow it to breathe freely.

3. Hang the Wedding Dress on a Padded Hanger

A wedding dress with a a beaded shoulder hanging on a closet door.

Hanging your dress is another important way to keep it safe in many instances, but use the right hanger to hang your dress. A clothes hanger with silk padding is best to keep sleeves and straps protected. If possible, hang your dress somewhere that keeps it away from the floor and walls to help the gown keep its shape. Your wedding dress most likely has hang straps, and these should be utilized to help support the weight of your dress and to keep it well hung in the weeks and months leading up to your big day. Keep in mind, though, that a heavy dress with an abundance of embellishments and bead work should not be hung. Instead, place the gown in a garment bag and lay it flat on top of or under a bed.

4. Keep it in Isolation

Your dress should be kept somewhere that isn’t bustling with activity on a usual basis. The more isolated your dress is from activity, the less chance of dirt making its way to the gown, which means your dress will stay clean!

5. Keep Your Dress Away from Windows

Whether your dress is laying flat or is hung, it shouldn’t be close to a window as sunlight can lead to discoloration. A dark closet is a good place for your dress to hang, as long as the temperature is not too hot or too cold.

6. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

A wedding dress on a bed.

You don’t want to store your wedding dress anywhere that experiences extreme temperatures leading up to your wedding day. For instance, don’t store your dress in a damp basement or a hot attic. The best temperature for your dress is between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Keep Your Wedding Dress Away from Kids and Pets

Curious kids and pets should be kept away from your wedding dress to avoid any unwanted stains or rips. Although they won’t mean to, they could do some serious damage to your wedding gown if they get their hands (or paws!) on it.

8. Get it Professionally Pressed, if Necessary

As the big day draws closer, you’ll want to have your dress pressed and cleaned, if needed, by a professional. Find a reputable dry cleaner to do so and make sure to call a few weeks before your wedding to ensure that they have time to tend to your gown. After that’s done and you get your dress back, hang it up somewhere safe in order to keep it wrinkle-free before your wedding. However, have a steamer on hand for your wedding day to get out any last-minute creases or wrinkles.

Keeping your wedding dress safe should be a top priority once it’s in your possession, and you’ll be glad you put in the effort to take good care of it as you slip it on before exchanging vows.

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