9 Things You Should Never Do When Wedding Dress Shopping

A bride trying on a dress in a boutique with her friends.

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting times of planning the big day, and it’s something that many brides have dreamed about for a long time. When it comes down to the process of shopping, however, it can be not only exhilarating, but overwhelming. With so many styles of dresses, stores, and factors to think about, it’s only natural to experience a range of emotions during this special time. With that being said, there are some things you want to avoid doing during this new experience to make it as seamless and memorable as possible!

1. Forget to Make an Appointment

A woman at a bridal shop showing a sales associate a photo on her phone.

Most bridal salons operate on an appointment-only basis. Be sure to set appointments ahead of time rather than just popping into an alluring looking shop. Chances are that if you don’t have an appointment, you won’t be able to try anything on, and you don’t want to torture yourself by just window shopping!

2. Forget to Eat Something

Even though you’re probably trying to look slim and trim while trying on wedding dresses, you still should eat a good meal before you embark on this journey. You’ll be on your feet a lot, and taking dresses on and off and posing is pretty exhausting, so fuel up for occasion!

3. Wear the Wrong Undergarments

Not wearing the right undergarments when wedding dress shopping can result in a dress fitting totally differently than it would if you were wearing the right unmentionables. This could have a large effect on your opinion on the dress, so it’s an important item to get right! For the best results when you shop, opt for nude underwear and a strapless bra.

4. Bring too Many People

A bride trying on a wedding dress with her friends in a boutique.

While a lot of people in your life likely want to be involved in your wedding dress journey, that doesn’t mean all of them should attend your shopping trips. Having too many people in the audience—and thus, many opinions—can be overwhelming as you may end up feeling like you need to please everyone. Plus, wedding dress shops can be small, crowded, and busy. For that reason, limit your audience to a few people whose opinions you trust and value.

5. Wear too Much Makeup

Wearing a face full of makeup when you go wedding dress shopping could result in makeup rubbing off on dresses as you try them on. Although you’ll probably be trying on samples that may already be stained, you’ll still want to keep it to a more natural look so that this isn’t a worry for you.

6. Get Caught up in Sizing

Bridal dress shopping is much different than shopping for regular clothing. In fact, the sizing on many gowns runs much smaller than normal clothing sizes. For that reason, you may end up fitting into a larger numerical size dress than you were expecting. Don’t get caught up in this detail! It’s completely normal for this to happen and it’s nothing to harp on as you find your perfect dress.

7. Have a Closed Mind

A woman getting buttoned into a dress at a bridal boutique.

It’s normal to have a vision of what type of dress you want to wear on your wedding day when you go into your shopping excursion. However, you definitely shouldn’t have a closed mind as far as what types of dresses you’re willing to try on. Wedding dresses can look totally different once you have them on. Be open to trying anything that strikes your fancy and don’t be totally opposed to taking recommendations from the attendants. You may end up surprised at what you like (and if not, at least you get to try on beautiful dresses!).

8. Forget to Take Pictures

You’ll definitely want someone in your bride tribe to take photos of you in the dresses you try on. This way, you can compare afterwards all of the gowns that you like and have some time to think about which you like best. You’ll likely try on tons of dresses in the course of many shopping trips, so you don’t want to forget about any or misremember how they looked on you as you’re mentally filing through your options.

9. Not Try on a Veil

You’ll definitely want to try on a veil (if you plant to wear one) with the dresses you love at the salon. You can also ask to pair other accessories with the dresses to see how they look. This will give you a more full picture of what you like and dislike for the big day.

Avoiding these faux pas when wedding dress shopping will make for a more seamless experience as you hunt for your dream wedding dress.

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