Can You Shop for a Wedding Dress Online?

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The recent social distancing is changing the way we do a lot of things, and this is definitely true for planning a wedding. One of the aspects of the wedding planning process that is changed right now is the ability to shop for wedding gowns. Since many bridal salons are closed, you may think that it’s virtually impossible to shop for the dress of your dreams. However, it is possible to successfully wedding dress shop online as long as you follow the below tips and tricks.

Why Buy a Wedding Dress Online?

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There are several reasons you should consider buying your wedding dress online.


Especially at this time, shopping online is a lot more convenient than going into a store. You can skip the need for a bridal shop appointment and search for a wedding dress from the comfort of your couch on your own time. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Shopping for your dress online means you’ll get to really examine the prices and shop around for a great deal. This could likely result in you paying less for a dress than you would if you shopped the old fashioned way in-store.


When you use the internet to find a wedding dress, the world is your oyster. You can search as many sites as you please to find your dream, leading you seeing many more dresses than you would in-person. When you shop in stores, you’re limited to what they physically have for you to see.

How to Buy a Wedding Dress Online

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It’s easier than you think to acquire your dream wedding gown online!

Find Styles You Like

The first step to shopping for your gown online is the same as if you were shopping for your dress in-person. Use sites like Pinterest and Instagram to find gown styles that appeal to you and save your favorites to get a feel for what you like. This will help you in both getting started and narrowing down your choices.

Consider Your Own Closet for Inspiration

It can be hard to know how certain styles will look on you when it comes to wedding dresses. However, you can use the items in your own closet as a guide. Consider what dresses you already have that make you feel most confident and then examine what style and fit they feature. That could be a solid indication of what type of wedding dress would look most flattering on you.

Consider a Virtual Consultation

Since many bridal salons can’t see clients in-person, they are offering virtual appointments with brides via platforms like Zoom. This puts you in touch with a wedding dress expert who can give you advice as to what dress types they recommend for you based off of what you’re looking for in a gown. They may even be able to show you what they have in stock that may strike your fancy.

Research Site Reputations

As you’re perusing sites for dresses, be sure to read reviews of them to ensure that they’re reputable. Sticking with well-known sites like Nordstrom, David’s Bridal, or BHLDN is a safe bet.

Check the Store Return Policy

Before purchasing a dress that you love after finding it online, check the return policy to make sure that you’ll be able to make a change if you don’t love it as much as anticipated once it arrives. Wedding dresses can be pricey and you don’t want to waste any money on this process.

Understand Wedding Dress Sizing

Wedding gown sizing is typically different than the sizing of normal clothes. For that reason, understanding the sizing of the dresses you’re considering online is very important to ordering correctly. Check the site for specific measurements and check your own measurements against that to get a good idea of what size you should order.

It is certainly possible to find the wedding dress of your dreams online, and the process can be seamless and fun!

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