Choosing Dresses to Flatter Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Bridesmaids

bridesmaids in gray

Bridesmaids dresses were once something that seemed to only exist to make you look foolish standing next to the beautiful bride. Gone are the days of puffy sleeves, ugly colors, and unflattering silhouettes. These days it’s all about making each bridesmaid shine as she stands next to you, as long as she still doesn’t outshine you!

There are so many ways to ensure you pick the perfect dress, but it’s important not to forget your pregnant bridesmaid(s). Finding the best dress to fit her growing bump and make her glow at the same time is important. Here are a few tips to make sure the pregnant and non-pregnant bridesmaids look their best in their dresses.

Wedding Party Style

One of your first decisions needs to be whether you want all bridesmaids dressed the same or mismatched.

If you choose to have all bridesmaids dress in the same style, make sure you choose a a style of dress that will suit the hardest to fit bridesmaid. Remember, alternations are a girl’s best friend, so most bridesmaids will be able to alter the dresses to fit their individual body types.

If they are choosing their own styles, pick a color and set them free. Of course, you might want to tell them if you don’t want a midriff-baring dress at your formal wedding just to be on the safe side. Give boundaries, but let them have fun with their own selections.

Bra or No Bra?

Braless while pregnant isn’t the best option, as boobs double in size, making it nearly impossible to keep a dress in its right place. Women blessed with big busts that aren’t pregnant understand some bodies just cannot tolerate a dress without a bra. If you have large-busted or pregnant women in your wedding party, go for flowing, yet flattering dresses that still allow them to wear bras.


Different body types look best in different types of necklines. The boat neck doesn’t particularly flatter a curvy body because it can show off broad shoulders. Curvy women look best in a one shoulder or square neckline.

A scoop neckline is perfect for women with smaller busts. Petite women look best in a sweetheart or v-neck. These give the illusion of a bigger bust.

Low-cut gowns can be trouble. While, they are perfect for women with smaller boobs that want to give the allusion they might be Jessica Rabbit, those that already do look like Jessica Rabbit may get some extra stares. Low cut dresses might cause some of the guests to stare at your chest more than the bride. Women with hourglass or petite figures often look best in these dresses, so choose wisely.

Going strapless doesn’t mean you don’t have support. Many strapless bras offer amazing support for big busts. A strapless dress often gives extra support with boning as well. Some women hate their arms, so a strapless dress isn’t the best pick for them. Women with a pear shape or hourglass figure often look best in strapless gowns.

Empire Waist

The empire waist silhouette gives you so many options. If you get this type of dress with boning, make sure it ends right under the bust so it gives support but allows space for growth. This type of dress makes the top half of you look tiny. If your bridesmaid has a bump, it will fit that bump in all the right places without making it look like a big balloon. Women with hourglass figures can also rock this type of dress.


Flowy dresses give you a light, airy look with a classic touch. These dresses are great for pregnant women because they give a subtle look to the bump. Women with flatter chests and bottoms like these as well because they are simple and elegant. However, ladies with curves might not like the flowy dress because it can often make them look boxy instead of modelesque, so make sure to try a few different flowy types before you settle for one.


The A-line dress fits many different body types. It fits tightly at the top and widens at the bottom. The drop waist brings the upper and lower body together for a flattering fit. Pear and apple shaped women are the best for this type of dress.


This type of dress is trending because it allows one dress to be worn different ways. The convertible wrap can be wrapped over a dozen ways in order to flatter almost all figures. This dress is perfect for a pregnant bridesmaid because the sash brings the right amount of coverage with a sleek look to the bump.


Some dresses call for a sash or belt for the perfect finishing touch. This is great for a pregnant bridesmaid because adding these will cinch the waist to show off the cute little bump. Other times a belt just adds to the entire look and helps show off a bridesmaid’s natural curves.

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